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Karl Reidinger (born June 7, 1922 in Wiener Neustadt ; † October 3, 2014 in Vienna ) was Police President of the Vienna Federal Police Directorate from 1973 to 1987 .

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Vienna Central Cemetery - Karl Reidinger's grave of honor

Reidinger and his family moved to Graz in 1937 , where he graduated from high school in 1940 . He completed a law degree at the Karl-Franzens University in Graz, which he graduated with a doctorate in 1948 . From 1941 he served in the German Wehrmacht in a mountain troop regiment in Klagenfurt.

After completing his studies, he began his service at the Vienna Federal Police Directorate in 1948 and worked as a police lawyer in various official positions. In 1961 he was appointed head of the state police department of the Vienna Police Department.

In 1965 he became a senior police officer, and in 1971 he was court advisor and head of the Vienna State Police. In 1973 he was appointed Vienna Police President by the then Interior Minister Otto Rösch .

During his tenure, there were a number of events that made special demands on the Vienna police: the Arab attack on Opec in 1975, the collapse of the Reichsbrücke in 1976, the kidnapping of industrialist Walter Palmer by German terrorists in 1977, the opening of the first new underground line in 1978 , the opening of the Vienna UNO-City in 1979, the signing of the SALT II agreements in Vienna with Carter and Brezhnev in 1979, the political murder of City Councilor Heinz Nittel and the terrorist attack on the city ​​temple in 1981 and the annual Danube Island Festival since 1984 .

Reidinger's merits include a. the introduction of a computer-aided search system, which was new at the time, and his efforts to establish a dialogue with B. between demonstrators and security forces during demonstrations or in connection with unrest during strikes. He was also involved in organizing state visits to Vienna. During his tenure as police chief, Reidinger received numerous Austrian and international honors and awards.

Karl Reidinger died in early October 2014 at the age of 92. He found his final resting place in a grave of honor in the Vienna Central Cemetery , in which his wife Hermine, nee. Skarek (1923-2015), with whom he had been married since 1948.

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