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The gravel mountain from Arrenberg

The gravel mountain from Arrenberg

height 282  m
location Wuppertal
Mountains Rhenish Slate Mountains
Coordinates 51 ° 14 '39 "  N , 7 ° 7' 14"  E Coordinates: 51 ° 14 '39 "  N , 7 ° 7' 14"  E
Kiesberg (Wuppertal)
The surveys in Wuppertal

The surveys in Wuppertal

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The Kiesberg is a 282 meter high elevation in North Rhine-Westphalia , in the western urban area of Wuppertal .


The Kiesberg lies between the Wuppertal districts of Elberfeld and Cronenberg in the Elberfeld-West district .

Opposite it is the almost 260 meter high Nützenberg . The valley of the Wupper lies between the two mountains . One of the narrowest parts of the valley area within Wuppertal is located here. Between the two ridges, the valley is a maximum of 450 meters wide, with the bottom of the valley at a height of 140 meters. In the valley itself, next to the federal highway 7 (B 7) and the Düsseldorf – Elberfeld railway line, the Bayer AG factory buildings are located .


From the Wupper valley, the Kiesberg rises steeply in a southerly direction to the top of the actual Kiesberg at a height of 276.5 meters. Further south, the mountain initially only drops slightly to a saddle that connects it with the so-called Königshöhe (276 m).

It reaches its highest elevation at 293 m, roughly above the Kiesberg tunnel. The route of the former Burgholzbahn runs around the Kiesberg above the Wuppertal Zoo on the western slope . To the south of the railway line, the mountain falls back down to the valley of the Rutenbeck stream , to the south of it another elevation (275 m) and finally the Burggrafenberg (283 m) in the Burgholz state forest . In an easterly direction, the Kiesberg separates the valley of the Ossenbeck stream from the 276 m high Friedrichsberg above the Elberfelder Südstadt.

Together with the Nützenberg , the Kiesberg forms the natural spatial unit of the Nützenberg cross bar (order number 337 1 .36).

Todays use

The gravel mountain is predominantly composed of an only extensively managed mixed forest. The area is criss-crossed by numerous hiking trails. At the same time, there are numerous allotment gardens, especially in the sun-exposed hillside areas, so that the whole area, at least in the summer months with the surrounding forest areas, is a popular recreation area within Wuppertal.


The Kiesberg Tunnel runs below the mountain saddle : a two-lane tunnel connection that runs on two levels and creates a direct connection between the southern part of Wuppertal and the Sonnborner Kreuz .

Near the top of the actual Kiesberg in the north is the Von-der-Heydt-Turm , a 20 meter high observation tower that can be climbed on certain days in the summer months.

Individual evidence

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