Kim Min-hee

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Kim Min-hee (2015)
Kim Min-hee (2015)

Korean spelling
Hangeul 김민희
Hanja 金 玟 禧
Gim Min-hui
Kim Minhŭi

Kim Min-hee (born March 1, 1982 in Seoul ) is a South Korean actress .


Kim was born on March 1, 1982 in Seoul . She has an older brother and an older sister.

Kim Min-hee started modeling in middle school and appeared in fashion magazines. In 1999 she got a role in the television series School 2 . However, she could not convince with her acting performance and only remained in people's minds as the then friend of the actor Lee Jung-jae .

After reading the synopsis for the drama series Goodbye Solo in 2006 , Kim knew she really wanted the lead role. She asked the screenwriter Noh Hee-kyung for the role five times, but he always turned her down. Because of her determination, he ultimately decided to take Kim for the role. Kim underwent rigorous acting training and was given the script before anyone else to analyze and practice her role. Kim said she didn't know what to do with her life until Goodbye Solo , but the drama made her feel like acting was her calling. She received good reviews for her performance on the series.

Her subsequent film roles made her a name for herself in the Korean film industry, starting with Hellcats (2008), a comedy that shows the love lives of three women at different stages of life. Kim plays an aspiring screenwriter in her 20s who grapples with uncertainty about her career and a relationship with a mediocre musician. Critics rated her performance positively. She won the Baeksang Arts Award and the Busan Film Critics Award for Best Actress .

Kim had her next role in 2009 in the film Actresses , a semi- improvised mockumentary by E J-yong , with whom she already worked on Asako in Ruby Shoes (2000). In 2011 she played a supporting role as a reporter in the conspiracy thriller Moby Dick .

With the psychological thriller Helpless (2012) Kim expanded her range. The film is an adaptation of Miyuki Miyabe's novel Feuerwagen . Kim wanted the role to show what she is capable of as an actress. Her impressive screen presence as a mysterious young woman who disappears without a trace earned Kim the Buil Film Award in the best actress category .

In 2013, Kim starred alongside Lee Min-ki in the romantic comedy Very Ordinary Couple . The film tells the story of a couple who find each other several times, but who also split up again and again. The following year she played a grieving woman who is the target of a professional killer in the action film No Tears for the Dead .

In 2015 Kim worked with the two film greats Hong Sang-soo and Park Chan-wook . She played a painter in Hong's film Jigeum-eun Matgo Geuttae-nine Teullida . At the Locarno Film Festival , the film was awarded the Golden Leopard for best film . Parks film The Handmaiden finally premiered at the Cannes International Film Festival in May 2016 . Kim received much praise for her courageous performance as a rich Japanese heiress who falls in love with her maid. For this film, she and her fellow actors learned Japanese . In 2016 she received the Director's Cut Award for best actress of the year for her performance .

In February 2017, Kim appeared at the Berlinale for the first time since her affair with the married director Hong Sang-soo became known in June 2016. At the film festival, the couple presented their new film On the Beach at Night Alone , for which Kim den Silver Bear for Best Actress. He also cast Kim Min-hee in Hong's two subsequent films. While starring alongside Isabelle Huppert in the comedy Claire's Camera (Keul-Le-Eo-Ui-Ka-Me-La) filmed at the 2016 Cannes Film Festival , she slipped for The Day After (Geu-Hu) into the role of a new employee of the publishing house whose predecessor had an affair with the boss. Both films were screened at the 70th Cannes Film Festival in 2017 , with The Day After receiving an invitation to compete for the Palme d' Or.

In 2018 she was appointed to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences , which awards the Oscars every year. After the scandal surrounding the affair with Hong Sang-soo , she only appeared in his films. As a result, Kim, previously known from mainstream films, became a household name in art house cinema.



  • 2000: Asako in Ruby Shoes ( 순애보 Sunaebo )
  • 2002: Surprise Party ( 서프라이즈 )
  • 2008: Hellcats ( 뜨거운 것이 좋아 Tteugeoun Geosi Joha )
  • 2009: The Actresses ( 여배우 들 Yeobaeu-deul )
  • 2011: Moby Dick ( 모비딕 Mobidik )
  • 2012: Helpless ( 화차 Hwacha )
  • 2012: Behind the Camera ( 뒷담화: 감독 이 미쳤어 요 , documentation)
  • 2013: Very Ordinary Couple ( 연애 의 온도 Yeonae-ui Ondo )
  • 2014: No Tears for the Dead ( 우는 남자 Uneun Namja )
  • 2015: Right Now, Wrong Then ( 지금 은 맞고 그때 는 틀리다 Jigeum-eun Matgo Geuttae-nine Teullida )
  • 2016: The Pickpocket ( 아가씨 Agassi / The Handmaiden )
  • 2017: On the Beach at Night Alone ( 밤 의 해변 에서 혼자 Bamui haebyun-eoseo honja )
  • 2017: Claire's Camera ( 클레어 의 카메라 Keul-Le-Eo-Ui-Ka-Me-La )
  • 2017: The Day After ( 그 후 Geu-Hu )
  • 2018: Grass ( 풀잎 들 Puripdeul )
  • 2019: Hotel by the River ( 강변 호텔 Gangbyeon Hotel )

TV Shows

  • 1999: School 2 ( 학교 2 )
  • 2000: Oh! Happy Day ( 오! 해피 데이 )
  • 2000: Look Back in Anger ( 성난 얼굴 로 돌아 보라 )
  • 2000: Juliet's Man ( 줄리엣 의 남자 )
  • 2002: Age of Innocence ( 순수 의 시대 )
  • 2004: My 19 Year Old Sister-in-Law ( 형수님 은 열 아홉 )
  • 2006: Goodbye Solo ( 굿바이 솔로 )
  • 2008: Love Marriage ( 연애 결혼 )



  • KBS Drama Award in the category best young actress for School 2


  • SBS Drama Award for Best New Actress for Juliet's Man


  • Baeksang Arts Award for Best Film Actress for Hellcats
  • Busan Film Critics Award for Best Actress for Hellcats


  • Buil Film Award for Best Actress for Helpless


  • Baeksang Arts Award in the Best Film Actress category for Very Ordinary Couple
  • Blue Dragon Award : Popularity Award for Very Ordinary Couple
  • Women in Film Korea Award for Best Actress for Very Ordinary Couple


  • Director's Cut Award: Best Actress for The Handmaiden


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