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Klaus Emmerich (2014)
Klaus Emmerich (center), 1976

Klaus Emmerich (born June 3, 1928 in Frankfurt am Main ) is an Austrian journalist .

Live and act

Klaus Emmerich, son of Austrian parents, graduated from high school in Spittal an der Drau in 1948 and studied English and then economics in Vienna and Bonn . As early as 1947 he began his journalistic activity as a business correspondent for various newspapers such as the Süddeutsche Zeitung , the Wirtschaftsverlag and others. In 1956 he switched to the press as Germany correspondent where he stayed until 1969. At the same time he was with Deutsche Welle in Bonn and came to WDR in Cologne.

In 1969 he came to ORF , where he became known to a wide audience as a correspondent in Bonn, Washington and Brussels in Austria. He also worked as editor- in- chief at ORF 2 . He has been a freelance journalist and publicist since 1992.

Emmerich received criticism after speaking about Barack Obama as a guest on an ORF TV program and in a subsequent newspaper interview . Emmerich said of Obama's election victory, among other things: “ I don't want to be directed by a black man in the western world. If you say this is a racist remark: right, there is no question at all. ". In addition, he insinuated a parallel between Obama's campaign leadership and the propaganda of the National Socialists . Emmerich also said in the interview in question that he saw Obama's election as “ an extremely worrying development ”, for example because “ the blacks are not yet that far in their political and civilizational development ”. As a result, green politicians called for Emmerich to stop working as a commentator in the future.

After the statements in Austria apparently met with little protest, the American ambassador in Vienna, David F. Girard-diCarlo , presented an official protest note on November 16, 2008, in which Emmerich's statements were an affront to Obama and the whole people of the United States States are condemned and a condemnation of the statements by ORF and politics going beyond the previous statements is demanded.


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