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Klaus Fittschen (born May 31, 1936 in Salzhausen ) is a German classical archaeologist .

Fittschen studied Classical Archeology , Classical Philology and Ancient History at the University of Tübingen , in Rome and Athens. In 1964 Fittschen received his doctorate in Tübingen with a thesis on the subject of investigations into the beginning of legends among the Greeks . A travel grant from the German Archaeological Institute followed in 1965/66 and then worked as an assistant at the University of Bochum until 1969 . There Fittschen completed his habilitation in 1970 with the thesis investigations into the chronology and style history of urban Roman sculpture of the 3rd century. n. Chr. he taught until 1976 in Bochum as an adjunct professor. In 1976 Fittschen was appointed full professor for Classical Archeology at the University of Göttingen . He held this position until 1989 when he became First Director of the Athens Department of the German Archaeological Institute . Fittschen retired in 2001. As an honorary professor , he gave archaeological courses at the University of Göttingen for a few years.

Fittschen is a full member of the German Archaeological Institute, the Academy of Sciences in Göttingen , the Austrian Archaeological Institute and the Archaeological Society of Athens .

His scientific focus is the Roman portrait sculpture.


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