Conference of the directors of the state media authorities

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The Conference of Directors of the State Media Authorities (KDLM) - not to be confused with the DLM working committee - is a location-independent body to ensure diversity in the media sector , which has to be called upon by a competent state media authority if this has received the vote of the commission to determine concentration in the media sector (KEK) wants to deviate.

Legal basis

For the (third RÄStV) with the third State Broadcasting Treaty of 1996/97 established body which forms Rundfunkstaatsvertrag the legal basis.


The KDLM serves according to § 35 i. Verb. M. § 36 I RStV as well as the commission for determining the concentration in the media sector (KEK) of the respective competent state media authority (LMA) as an organ in the fulfillment of the tasks arising in connection with the safeguarding of diversity in private, nationwide television. KEK and KDLM are therefore responsible for the final assessment of issues that arise in particular

  • of admission
  • the change in approval and
  • the change in ownership.


If an application from a private broadcaster (1) for approval, (2) for a change in approval or (3) for a change in the ownership structure is received by the competent state media authority, the LMA must immediately consult the KEK. If the KEK comes to the conclusion that the application is harmless with regard to the safeguarding of the diversity of opinion during the examination, it can be granted - unless there are other reasons against it. However, if the responsible LMA wants to deviate from the generally binding decision of the KEK, it must call the KDLM within one month. If the KDLM then takes a different resolution with at least a three-quarters majority of its legal members (i.e. 11 out of 14 votes) within three months, this resolution takes the place of the resolution of the KEK, otherwise the KEK resolution applies.


The KDLM is financed from the share of the broadcasting contributions to which the state media authorities are entitled in accordance with the State Broadcasting Agreement .


The KDLM is composed of the respective legal representatives of the state media authorities; so regularly from the 14 presidents and directors. An election is not required, since membership is effected by virtue of an office. The members are not bound by instructions.

Current composition (as of 2008):


Most recently, the KDLM was called by the state media authorities of Bavaria and Rhineland-Palatinate in the Springer / ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG case in January 2006 . Due to the withdrawal of the participation application on the part of Axel Springer AG in February 2006, the reason for referral was no longer applicable and the case was therefore settled without a decision on the matter.