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The Interstate Broadcasting Agreement (RFinStV), concluded between the German federal states , regulates the amount of contributions (§ 8) and the distribution of funds (§§ 9 and 10) on the basis of the recommendations of the independent commission set up on February 20, 1975 to determine the financial needs of broadcasters (KEF) based on the State Treaty on Broadcasting Fees (RBeitrStV).

The monthly contribution is stipulated in § 8 of the State Treaty on Broadcasting Financing. This is currently 17.50 euros.

The funds generated are distributed according to § 9. According to this, the state broadcasting corporations grouped together in ARD are entitled to 72.0454%, ZDF 25.1813% and the corporation Deutschlandradio 2.7733%. Section 9.2 regulates the financing of the German part of the European cultural television channel ARTE .

The law also regulates in § 10 the share of the state media authorities in the broadcasting fee (1.8989%). These funds are administered by the Conference of Directors of the State Media Authorities (KDLM). These in turn have, among other things, the task of maintaining diversity of opinion on television via the Commission for Determining Concentration in the Media Area (KEK) .

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