Kottewitz (Priestewitz)

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community Priestewitz
Coordinates: 51 ° 14 ′ 59 ″  N , 13 ° 31 ′ 29 ″  E
Residents : 42
Incorporation : January 1, 1960
Incorporated into: Kottewitz-Stauda
Postal code : 01561
Area code : 03522
Kottewitz on a historical map from 1841
Kottewitz on a historical map from 1841

Kottewitz is a district of the municipality Priestewitz in the district of Meißen in Saxony .

Geography and transport links

The 185 hectare site is about one kilometer southeast of the core town of Priestewitz. County road K 8551 passes on the northern edge of the village. The B 101 runs west.

The stream from Stauda flows south.


The place was first mentioned in 1286 as Chotatscuitz . The place name is interpreted as "settlement of the people of a Chotač" . Other forms of the place name were in the course of time: Kotatschwicz (1350), Kotecswicz, Katecschwicz (1378), Kattaczschwicz (1406), Kotzschkewitzsch (1474), Kottewitzsch (1544), Cothwiz (1555), and finally Kottewitz in 1791.

The place was once laid out as a dead end village with a corridor . The village was originally a margravial fiefdom and subordinate to the Seusslitz monastery , but in 1372 it was now considered to have fallen in desolation. Subordinate to Hayn Castle in 1378 , the site, which covers an area of ​​11 Hufen, paid prayers for Hayn in 1406 . After the Reformation, the Meißen school authority also had shares in Kottewitz. The school office held 6 hooves. The other 5 hooves belonged in the meantime to Georg von Kommerstadt, who at that time owned many other places in the area. In the period that followed, Kottewitz was partly a school and administrative village. Around 1830 10 farmers were resident here, 6 farmers with 7 hooves of land belonging to the Großenhain school office.

From a church perspective, Kottewitz had been parish in Strießen since 1539, where the school was also located.

In 1960, Kottewitz was combined with the neighboring community of Stauda to form the community of Kottewitz-Stauda , which in 1973 became part of the community of Priestewitz.

Culture and sights

The local monuments list shows the historical monuments and buildings of the municipality. A historic stable house in a three-sided courtyard with a gate entrance and fence at Dorfplatz 3 is under monument protection in Kottewitz. This building is a largely original, contemporary and landscape-typical building. The two-storey quarry stone building was plastered and has sandstone window frames, among other things. The belt cornices are profiled. The enclosure is provided with two gate pillars with a cast iron gate. According to an inscription, this building was built in 1868.

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