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community Priestewitz
Coordinates: 51 ° 13 ′ 39 ″  N , 13 ° 29 ′ 8 ″  E
Incorporation : 1st January 1973
Incorporated into: Kmehlen-Gävernitz
Postal code : 01561
Area code : 03522
Kmehlen on a historical map from 1841
Kmehlen on a historical map from 1841

Kmehlen is a district of the municipality of Priestewitz in the district of Meißen in Saxony .

Geography and transport links

The place is located southwest of the core town Priestewitz on the county road K 8553. The nature reserve Seusslitzer Grund extends northwest . The Elbe flows to the west and the B 101 to the east . The Seusslitzer Bach , a right tributary of the Elbe, has its source between Kmehlen and Wistauda .


Kmehlen on a postcard from the Meißner Kunstverlag Brück & Sohn (1937).

In the area around Kmehlen there are numerous signs of early settlement. The place itself is located in the settlement area of ​​immigrated Slavs at the end of the 6th century. So the name Kmehlen is probably of Slavic origin and could have been derived from the word chmel for hops . Kmehlen was first mentioned in a document in 1282 as a Zmelin . The place was laid out as a square alley village with a block and corridor . In the course of time, Kmehlen was mentioned several times under different variations of this name until it got its current name in 1791. Other forms of the place name were: Zmelin (1282), Zmelin (1291), Kmelyn (1378), Cmelin (1406), Gmelin (1466), Cmellen (1539), Qmelen (1547) and finally Kmehlen in 1791.

The size of the place was given around 1406 with 21 hooves. In 1840 206 inhabitants and 33 fireplaces are mentioned. At that time there were among others a bricklayer , blacksmith , cooper, Wagner, Schumacher and two tailors . Kmehlen was parish after Wantewitz since the middle of the 16th century . The children of the village were also originally sent to school there.

In 1956 an LPG was founded in the village , which was visited several times by foreign delegations.

In 1923, the neighboring community of Baselitz was incorporated into Kmehlen. In 1960 Laubach followed. On January 1, 1973, Gävernitz and Kmehlen merged to form the municipality of Kmehlen-Gävernitz . Since January 1st, 1994 Kmehlen belongs to the municipality of Priestewitz .

Culture and sights

Several historical monuments and buildings are recorded in the local list of monuments. Under monument protection standing here among other byre-dwelling, barn and gate pillar of a three-page court in the main street 26, whose origin dates back to the year 1876th The stable house is a two-storey plastered building with sandstone window walls and a gable roof . The barn is single-storey and also has a gable roof.

Other listed buildings can be found at Hauptstrasse 29. While the two-storey stable house was built here in 1866, a side building that was once used as a temporary house dates back to 1838. This building was also two-storey and provided with a half-hip roof. The existing single-storey barn has a mansard roof .

In addition, the residential building at Kirchweg 4, built in 1852, is a listed building. This building is two-storey and has a gable roof.

The active clubs in the village include the Landsportverein - LSV Kmehlen , the youth and local club Kmehlen and the local group of the volunteer fire brigade founded in 1942 .


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