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The municipality of Priestewitz does not have a coat of arms
Map of Germany, position of the municipality Priestewitz highlighted

Coordinates: 51 ° 15 '  N , 13 ° 31'  E

Basic data
State : Saxony
County : Meissen
Height : 145 m above sea level NHN
Area : 61.29 km 2
Residents: 3181 (Dec. 31, 2019)
Population density : 52 inhabitants per km 2
Postal code : 01561
Primaries : 03522, 035249, 035267
License plate : MEI, GRH, RG, RIE
Community key : 14 6 27 200
Address of the
municipal administration:
Staudaer Strasse 1
01561 Priestewitz
Website :
Mayoress : Manuela Gajewi
Location of the municipality of Priestewitz in the district of Meißen
Coswig (Sachsen) Diera-Zehren Ebersbach (bei Großenhain) Glaubitz Gröditz Großenhain Hirschstein Käbschütztal Klipphausen Lampertswalde Lommatzsch Meißen Moritzburg Gröditz Niederau Nossen Nünchritz Priestewitz Radebeul Radeburg Riesa Röderaue Schönfeld Stauchitz Strehla Thiendorf Weinböhla Wülknitz Zeithain Sachsen Dresden Landkreis Bautzen Landkreis Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge Landkreis Mittelsachsen Landkreis Nordsachsen Brandenburgmap
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Priestewitz is a municipality in the district of Meißen in Saxony .

Geography and traffic

The community is located on the southern edge of the Großenhainer care . The neighboring towns are Großenhain (5 km), the district town of Meißen (10 km) and Riesa (17 km). The B 101 runs through the municipality. The Priestewitz station connects the place with the railway lines Leipzig – Dresden , Berlin – Dresden and Großenhain – Priestewitz .

Local division

The districts of the municipality are:


Interpretation and development of the place name

Priestewitz is first mentioned in a document in 1350 as Pristanewicz . The name is probably from the Old Sorbian Pristańovica, pristań "pier", meaning "settlement at a landing stage" to be interpreted. It would also be possible to derive a personal name. Then the interpretation of the basic form Pri / Prestanovici would have to be understood as "settlement of Pri / Prestan". Other forms of the place name were 1350 Pristanewicz , 1378 Prystinwicz and Prystenewicz , 1406 Brostelwicz , 1418 Brestenewicz , 1420 Prüstewicz , 1535 Pruschtewitz , 1547/1551 Brostewicz and 1648 Pristewiz and Bristytz . From 1791 the name Priestewitz was used.

Local history

Priestewitz on a map from 1841/43

In 1378 Priestewitz belonged to the administrative district of Grossenhain Castle . In 1511 a manor is mentioned. In the northern part of the corridor is the desolation of the village of Kunnershain . Another desert is Breßnitz . Until the Reformation, Seusslitz Monastery owned parts of the village. After that, the Prokuraturamt Meißen , the Schulamt Meißen and the Amt Hayn shared shares in the village of Priestewitz. In 1547 seven hooves belong to the school and another seven hooves belong to the city council of Großenhain. Priestewitz had to deliver three bushels of wheat to the Meißen district office every year , to ship official grain to the Elbe at Christmas, to perform construction services and to provide a foot servant for the army expedition. A windmill is mentioned in 1821.

With the construction of the first long-distance railway line Leipzig – Dresden in 1839 Priestewitz got its own station . Its geographical proximity to Meißen and Grossenhain brought rapid economic development for the place, which gained a certain importance as an important traffic junction.

In the autumn of 1843 the Royal Saxon Army carried out major maneuvers in the area around Priestewitz, with the occupation and conquest of the station being of strategic importance.


The Sankt-Urban-Kirche in Wantewitz, district of Priestewitz
place date annotation
Altleis July 1, 1950 Incorporation after Nauleis
Baselitz April 1, 1923 Incorporation after Kmehlen
Basslitz January 1, 1999
Blattersleben January 1, 1994
Böhla near Geißlitz July 1, 1950 Incorporation to Baßlitz
Dallwitz January 1, 1960 Incorporation to Lenz
Döschütz July 1, 1950 Incorporation to Zottewitz
Gävernitz 1st January 1973 Merger with Kmehlen to Kmehlen-Gävernitz
Geißlitz July 1, 1950 Incorporation to Baßlitz
Missing 1st January 1973 Merger with Gävernitz to form Kmehlen-Gävernitz
Kmehlen-Gävernitz January 1, 1994
Kottewitz January 1, 1960 Merger with Stauda to form Kottewitz-Stauda
Kottewitz-Stauda 1st January 1973
Laubach January 1, 1960 Incorporation after Kmehlen
Lenz January 1, 1999
Medessen 1st October 1973 Incorporation after Strießen
Nauleis January 1, 1994 Incorporation to Lenz
Piskowitz 1873 Incorporation after Wantewitz
Porschütz July 1, 1950 Incorporation after Blattersleben
Stauda January 1, 1960 Merger with Kottewitz to form Kottewitz-Stauda
Stream January 1, 1999
Wantewitz January 1, 1950 Incorporation to Gävernitz
Zottewitz January 1, 1994

Culture and sights


City council election 2014
Turnout: 60.6%

Since the municipal council election on May 25, 2014 , the 16 seats of the municipal council have been distributed among the individual groups as follows:

  • Free Citizens' Community (FBG): 5 seats
  • SV Traktor Priestewitz eV (SVT): 5 seats
  • CDU : 4 seats
  • Citizens' list Priestewitz Ost (BLP): 2 seats

Mayor: Manuela Gajewi was elected to succeed Susann Frentzen in November 2017.Template: future / in 4 years

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