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Kristina Fuchs (born March 13, 1970 in Brügg near Biel ) is a Swiss jazz singer and composer.

Live and act

Fuchs grew up in a musical family and, since she was three years old, received an instrumental training, first recorder , then violin and double bass . She sang in the choir, learned self-taught piano and guitar and was a member of chamber orchestras and percussion group . She also started composing; Among other things, she wrote a musical that was performed in 1985. Then she worked as a theater musician and enrolled at the Swiss Jazz School in 1990 . There she was tutored by Rachel Gould , who she followed to The Hague in 1992 to continue her education at the local conservatory. She was also at workshops with Lauren Newton and Norma Winstone . From 1996 to 1998 she was tutored by Jeanne Lee . During these years she was a member of various bands, performed with the Jeanne Lee Music and Dance Ensemble in France and toured Ireland with Ronan Guilfoyle. She also founded the vocal ensemble Vocal Move , with which she appeared at the Amsterdam CrossOver Festival and was involved in Susanne Abbuehl's album I Am Rose . The Kristina Fuchs Sonic Unit emerged from her own band , with whom she performed at the North Sea Jazz Festival and the Concertgebouw , but also toured Switzerland. She has also performed new music by Luciano Berio , Joseph Schwantner , Patrick Clark and Donnacha Dennehy on international stages . On her fourth album, Im Röseligarte , she treats Swiss folk songs as standards.

Fuchs also worked with Jim McNeely , Theo Loevendie , Maarten Altena , Eric Vloeimans and Eric van der Westens Quadrant .

Since 1999 she has been teaching jazz singing at the Antwerp Conservatory .

Discographic notes

  • Portrait of a Woman (1999, with Wolfert Brederode , Gulli Gudmundsson , Ed Verhoeff, Pascal Vermeer, Eric Vloeimans, Florian Zenker )
  • Whence & Wither (2003)
  • bayram (2005, with Theo Loevendie)
  • In the Röseligarte (2008)
  • Chansons sauvages (2016)
  • Linden (2017)


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