Leopold of Caprivi

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Julius Leopold Eduard von Caprivi (born September 10, 1797 in Berlin ; † December 25, 1865 there ) was a lawyer , Prussian high tribunal councilor and crown syndic .


He came from a family, presumably from the Austrian county of Gorizia , first mentioned in a document in the 16th century in the Gottscheer village Nesseltal (Koprivnik) in the Hornwald ( Lower Carniola ), who called themselves "Copriva von Reichsperg und Nesselthal" until the beginning of the 18th century ( Slovenian kopriva , "nettle"). His grandfather was the historian and poet Julius Leopold von Caprivi (1695–1768).

Caprivi married Emilie Köpke (1803–1871) in Berlin on May 19, 1830. From the marriage, the Prussian infantry general and Bismarck's successor to the Prussian count status, Chancellor Leo von Caprivi (1831–1899) and the Prussian lieutenant general Raimund von Caprivi (1840–1913) emerged.


Caprivi was a Prussian chief tribunal councilor, member of the disciplinary court for non-judicial officials, crown syndic and from 1863 until his death (1865) a member of the Prussian manor house .

He studied in Berlin Law and was an active fraternity members as a member of the Old Berlin fraternity , the fraternity Arminia and 1818, the fraternity Hermine .


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