List of the Counts of Champagne

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Coat of arms of the county of Champagne

The county of Champagne emerged from the union of the counties of Meaux and Troyes , which comprised most of the former Franconian ducat of Champagne. The union was realized by Robert von Vermandois , who inherited Meaux from his father and Troyes received as a dowry through his wife. Since 967, the title of Comes palatinus Francorum regis ( Count Palatine of the Kings of the Franks), which King Lothar gave to Count Heribert the Elder , was associated with the possession of Troyes . Count Hugo I was the first to bear the title comes Campanie (Count of Champagne), which Count Theobald IV extended to comes palatinus Campanie Brigensis (Count Palatine of Champagne-Brie).

Ducats of Champagne

  • Lupus († murdered 581), follower of Queen Brunichild
  • Wintrio ( dux 581; † after 600), murdered by Queen Brunichild
  • Waymerus († 678), hanged by him after betraying the caretaker Ebroin
  • Drogo , († 708), son of Pippin the Middle ( Arnulfinger )
  • Arnulf , ( dux 715; † after 723), son of Drogo

Counts of Meaux-Troyes and Champagne

Surname Reign relationship Remarks
House Vermandois (Carolingian)
Robert of Vermandois 946-967 from 946 Count of Meaux,
from 956 Count of Troyes
Heribert the old man 968-980 / 984 Brother of his predecessor
Heribert the younger 967-995 / 996 Son of Robert
Stephan I. 995 / 996-1019 / 1021 Son of his predecessor
House Blois
Odo I. 1023-1037 Robert's great-nephew as Count Odo II of Blois
Stephan II 1037-1045 / 1048 Son of his predecessor
Odo II 1045 / 1048-1063 Son of his predecessor
Theobald I. 1063-1089 Son of Odo I. as Theobald III. Earl of Blois
Odo III. 1089-1097 Son of his predecessor Count of Troyes
Hugo 1097-1125 Brother of his predecessor Count of Troyes
Stephan Heinrich 1089-1102 Brother of Odo III. and Hugo Count of Meaux
Adela from Normandy 1102-1109 Wife of Stephan Heinrich Regent for Theobald II.
Theobald II the great 1102-1151 Son of Stephan Heinrich as Theobald IV. Count of Blois
Heinrich I the Generous 1151-1181 Son of his predecessor
Marie de Champagne 1181-1187 Wife of Heinrich I. Regent for Heinrich II.
Henry II the Younger 1181-1197 Son of his predecessor from 1192 king of Jerusalem
Marie de Champagne 1197-1198 Wife of Heinrich I. Regent for Theobald III.
Theobald III. 1197-1201 Uncle of his predecessor
Blanka of Navarre 1201-1222 Wife of Theobald III. Regent for Theobald IV.
Theobald IV of the trobadour 1201-1253 Son of his predecessor as Theobald I, King of Navarre
Theobald V. 1253-1270 Son of his predecessor as Theobald II King of Navarre
Henry III. the thick 1270-1274 Son of his predecessor as Henry I, King of Navarre
Johanna I. 1274-1305 Daughter of her predecessor Queen of Navarre,
Queen of France since 1285
Ludwig the brawler 1305-1316 Son of his predecessor King of Navarre,
since 1314 as Louis X. King of France
Joan II 1316-1335 Daughter of her predecessor Queen of Navarre
On March 15, 1335, Johanna II renounced her rights to Champagne in favor of King Philip VI.

It was not until King John II in 1361 that Champagne was united with the crown domain .

Duke of Champagne

King Louis XI. apanaged his brother Charles de Valois, duc de Berry with champagne in 1468 , including the title of duke, which Charles had already worn for his previous apanage of Normandy . Just a year later, Karl traded the Champagne for the Guyenne .