Louis Biester

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Louis Biester

Louis Biester (born August 3, 1882 in Wenden, Nienburg / Weser district ; † June 16, 1965 in Königsmoor , Harburg district ) was a German SPD politician .

Life and work

Biester was the son of a farmer. He graduated from the teachers 'seminar in Stade and worked from 1906 to 1933 as a teacher in Hamburg , where in 1919 he became state chairman of the “Socialist Teachers' Association” . From 1919 he lived in Hoisbüttel in the Stormarn district .

Biester was arrested by the National Socialists on June 27, 1933 (until January 1934). Dismissed as a teacher, he moved back to Nienburg / Weser . From 1939 on he ran a farm near Bremen . After July 20, 1944 , Biester was arrested again (until the end of the war). In 1952 he moved to Königsmoor, where he lived until his death.

Political party

Biester had been a member of the SPD since 1912.


From 1920 to 1933 Biester was a member of the district council in the Stormarn district , and from 1948 to 1952 in the Osterholz district . As the successor to Karl Frohme , he was a member of the Reichstag for Schleswig-Holstein from 1924 to 1933 . The Lower Saxony state parliament elected him in 1949 as a member of the first Federal Assembly , which elected Theodor Heuss as Federal President .

Public offices

Biester was head of office in Hoisbüttel from 1920 to 1933 . During the Kapp Putsch in March 1920, Biester defended the district administration in the Stormarn district against the putschists with 1,500 armed opponents of the putsch and was at the head of the district committee himself during this time . In 1946, Biester was employed by the British occupying forces as a district administrator in the Osterholz district . He held the post until 1948.


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