Luau (Angola)

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Luau (Angola)
Coordinates 10 ° 42 ′  S , 22 ° 14 ′  E Coordinates: 10 ° 42 ′  S , 22 ° 14 ′  E
Basic data
Country Angola


Município Luau
Comuna Luau
Residents 70,000 (2013)
mayor Juvenal Mutunda

Luau is a small town in the Angolan province of Moxico on the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo .


Until 1975 the city carried the Portuguese name Vila Teixeira de Sousa, after the Portuguese politician António Teixeira de Sousa (1857-1917). After independence in 1975 it was given its current name.

After 26 years of civil war in Angola (1975–2002), the population shrank drastically from a former population of 90,000 . The civil war had destroyed all the supply routes in the city and its strategic location on the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo made Luau both rebels of UNITA as interesting for the government forces. When the conflicts of interest concentrated on Luau, the majority of the population left the city. As the “legacy” of the war, a good 13 minefields were left around and in the city.

After the end of the civil war in 2002, and the subsequent economic boom and advanced mine clearance, the population grew again, especially due to returning refugees. The population of Luau was again estimated at over 70,000 in 2013. The 2014 census should provide precise population data.


Luau is the seat of a district of the same name ( Município ) in the province of Moxico . The district consists of only one community (Comuna), which is also called Luau.


Luau is the border station of the Benguela Railway .

From the local border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo, an overland road leads to Saurimo .

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