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Ludwig Binswanger the Elder Ä.

Ludwig Binswanger the Elder (born June 25, 1820 in Osterberg , Kingdom of Bavaria , † August 5, 1880 in Kreuzlingen ) was a German-Swiss psychiatrist .

The former Bellevue sanatorium


Ludwig Binswanger was the fifth of nine sons of an Orthodox Jewish family and attended grammar school in Augsburg . From 1840 to 1845 he studied at Erlangen first philosophy and then medicine in Heidelberg and Munich , where he has an award-winning dissertation doctorate. After intermediate stops at the hospital in Augsburg and at the medical university clinic in Tübingen , where he was able to complete his habilitation, in 1850 he took over the management of the Münsterlingen psychiatric institution in the canton of Thurgau , which was established in a former Benedictine monastery in 1838 after secularization .

In 1857 he founded the Bellevue sanatorium in Egelshofen on Lake Constance in Switzerland , where he lived with his family in " therapeutic community " with the patients. In 1866 he acquired the citizenship of Egelshofen, which in 1874 took the name Kreuzlingen, and thus became a Swiss citizen. Binswanger was a founding member of the Association for the History of Lake Constance and its environs and was responsible for managing the Thurgau.

At the beginning of April 1874 he bought the Unterer Girsberg castle in Emmishofen for 36,000 francs , which he renamed Brunnegg Castle .

After his death in 1880, his son Robert Binswanger ran the clinic until his death in 1910, after his son Ludwig Binswanger again ran it until 1956, whose son Wolfgang Binswanger had to give it up in 1980 for economic reasons.


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