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Manfred Brauneck (born April 22, 1934 in Königszelt , Silesia ) is a German university professor , literary scholar , theater scholar and theater historian .


Manfred Brauneck is the son of a Silesian painter . His father also designed sets for a city theater . After attending school, Brauneck studied literature, philosophy and art history at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . After a university career, his habilitation followed with a habilitation thesis on naturalism in European theater .

In 1973 he accepted the position of professor at the chair for theater studies at the University of Hamburg and, as director, organized the Hamburg theater collection there, a kind of museum for stage sets, text books, theater photos and a library, based on an idea of ​​the then President of the University of Hamburg, Professor Peter Fischer -Appeals to a newly established center for theater research. In 1987 he developed together with the director Juergen Flimm a new concept for the course drama theater direction . Among his students was the dramaturge Bernd Stegemann .

Although he was able to retire in 1999 , he extended his employment contract for three years and became emeritus in 2002 . Nonetheless, he retained the provisional leadership of the chair for some time and also advocated the establishment of a postgraduate course in dramaturgy .

In September 2010 he was awarded the Balzan Prize for his research on the “history of theater in all its forms of expression” .


In addition to his teaching activities, he is also the author of numerous specialist books and began writing the five-volume standard work Die Welt als Bühne in 1992 . History of European Theater. His other publications include:

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