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Manfred Sader (born March 5, 1928 in Köslin ; † October 15, 2006 in Münster ) was a German psychologist and Gestalt theorist .

life and work

After high school and book trade, he studied philosophy , psychology , social research and welfare at the University of Frankfurt (diploma 1954). In 1957 he did his doctorate under Edwin Rausch with a thesis on "Instruction Understanding and Test Performance ", which was awarded a prize in 1959 by the German Research Foundation . In 1964, Sader qualified as a professor at the University of Mainz in psychology with an empirical-phenomenological study on hearing-psychological questions of loudness and noise .

In 1968 he was appointed to a chair for personality psychology at the University of Münster , where he was director of the Psychological Institute until 1984. In his research, his focus was on psychological diagnostics , phenomena-analytical research methods and applied group dynamics on a gestalt theoretical basis. In the last few years of his university activities, Sader devoted himself increasingly to basic research on psychodrama and, more generally, on the possibilities of using role-playing games as a research method .

The most lasting effect was his work on the psychology of the group; his book of the same name had nine editions by 2008. Two anthologies dedicated to him show the influence of his positions on the creation of a human-oriented research practice: On his 60th birthday, the anthology "Zukunfts-Gestalt-Wunsch-Psychologie. On the shape of psychological research according to Manfred Sader" was published in 1988 by Sader's colleague Norbert Groeben , Wolfgang Keil and Ursula Piontkowski. In 1995 Günther Kebeck published the commemorative publication "Gestalt Theory as Research Perspective" on the occasion of Sader's retirement.

From 1981 to 1991 Sader was chairman of the " Society for Gestalt Theory and Its Applications " and co-editor of the interdisciplinary journal " Gestalt Theory ". He was also co-editor of the magazine "Gruppendynamik" (since 1980), the book series "Grundlagentexte Psychologie" (since 1989) and the "Papers on Social Science Psychology" (since 1971).

Manfred Sader's estate is in the Psychology History Research Archive (PGFA) at the Distance University in Hagen.

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