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Maria Beig , b. Hund (born October 8, 1920 in Senglingen ; † September 3, 2018 in Friedrichshafen ), was a German writer . It was considered the "voice of Upper Swabia ".


Maria Beig came from a large farming family. She attended elementary school and the women's labor school. From 1936 she completed an apprenticeship as a home economics and handicraft teacher at the home economics seminar of the Pedagogical Institute in Kirchheim / Teck . From 1941 onwards she worked as a teacher in schools near Heilbronn , on the Swabian Alb and in Friedrichshafen, where she lived for a long time and died in September 2018 at the age of 97. In 1954 she married; In 1958 their daughter was born. In 1977 she took early retirement and began fulfilling her dream of book writing. Most recently she lived in Immenstaad on Lake Constance .

Artistic creation

Maria Beig was the author of novels and stories that mainly depict the life of the rural population in their Upper Swabian homeland. With her consistently sober presentation and her purposely simple style, she has been considered a kind of epic natural talent since her debut, the family novel Rabenkräzen . She was particularly encouraged by Martin Walser , which also resulted in some of her books being published under license by Suhrkamp Verlag in the 1980s , which made her known to a wider audience. For Walser, she was the center of the "three Upper Swabian Marian saints of literature" - in addition to Beig, the poet Maria Menz and the writer Maria Müller-Gögler are meant .

In the afterword to raven croak , Walser wrote about Maria Beig: “In literary terms, what Maria Beig has written seems to me like something that has grown in the meadow while all of us other writers have to grow in the garden. The difference is that between garden sage and meadow sage, that between garden acre and meadow acre. In scent and fire. "

Beig's book Ein Lebensweg was voted first on the SWR2 best list in June 2009 . The jury praised the book as “a kind of liberation literature”.

In the commemorative publication on Beig's 90th birthday, Arnold Stadler wrote : “From home, that is, from the inside of something that we do not have at our disposal, of which we cannot simply say 'mine', it was here, what comes from Maria Beig. From far away, it goes very close. "


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Awards and honors


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