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Markus Klammer (born November 9, 1963 in Bensberg , † August 2, 1993 in Klotten ) was a German painter , sculptor and sculptor .

life and career

The "Sun" by Markus Klammer in Cochem-Cond

Markus Klammer was the son of Erna Julianna and Dr. Hans-Ludwig Klammer. He started his school days in Bonn in 1970 , from there he went first to Koblenz and later to Lahnstein , where he obtained the technical college entrance qualification. From 1985 to 1989 he completed an apprenticeship as a goldsmith in Josef Welling's studio in Koblenz. After he had passed his journeyman's examination, he did a voluntary social year in 1989 in the center for the physically handicapped in ( Neuwied ) - Engers . In the same year he began studying at the Alanus University for Art and Society in Bonn- Alfter . From 1990 he attended the Werkkunstschule in Strasbourg and trained in painting and as a sculptor. From there he went to Trier to the European Academy of Fine Arts and then the International Summer Academy of Fine Arts in Salzburg . He spent the next few years on further study trips to various countries such as England , Italy , Norway and Israel .

During these years he became more and more interested in ecclesiastical art, which manifested itself in reading the Bible as well as studying the letters of Paul . He saw the new attitude to faith he had gained in this way as an ideal connection to his work as a visual artist, so he decided to ask for admission to the Episcopal Seminary in Trier . However, a short time later he received a negative decision, which hit him as a religious artist, as he now saw himself, so badly that he died on August 2, 1993 by suicide . Markus Klammer found his final resting place in the cemetery in Cochem . In 1995, his parents established a foundation with legal capacity in Cochem, which they converted into a trust foundation run by the Speyer Cultural Foundation in 2007 . The intention of this foundation is to promote sculpture and, in particular, to promote sacred painting, which is to be further supported through exhibitions, grants and the Markus Klammer Prize.

Works of art (selection)

Fountain figure whale of Jonah in the Cochem Moselle complex


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