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Knight Markwart von Pentz, painting (about 4X2m) in the town hall of Glückstadt; there, February 27, 1627 is given as the date of death and Wolfenbüttel (“there”) as the place of death.

Markwart von Pentz , also Marquard , (* 1570 / 1575 presumably on Good Warlitz ; † 27. February 1627 in Wolfenbüttel ) was a Knight of the Elephant Order , Governor of Wolfenbüttel, commander of the Danish cavalry and general commissioner for the whole of Lower Saxony . He distinguished himself especially in the Kalmar War .


Markwart von Pentz came from the Redefin-Warlitz house of the noble Mecklenburg family von Pentz .

Markwart was in the Danish service and was appointed by King Christian IV of Denmark as a rider leader and commissioner for all of Lower Saxony. In this respect he played a key role in the Lower Saxon-Danish War (1625–1629), as one of the main conflicts of the Thirty Years' War . Supported by England and the States General , Christian IV entered the war in 1625 in his capacity as Supreme Leader of the Lower Saxon Empire . In the decisive battle at Lutter am Barenberge on August 27, 1626, the Danish troops of Christian IV, under the leadership of Colonel Markwart von Pentz, were defeated by General Tilly . Markwart was seriously injured and finally succumbed to his injuries on February 27, 1627 in Wolfenbüttel.

Depiction of the battle of Lutter am Barenberge on August 27, 1626

Markwart was married to Anna Katharina von Thienen (parents: Claus von Thienen, on Kühren bei Preetz and Trude, née von Rantzau) and owned extensive estates in Jabel -Heide in Mecklenburg , which he acquired through acquisitions from Gößlow , Warlitz and Quast as well of the Neudorf estate in Holstein . In 1603, Markwart von Pentz was appointed bailiff of Segeberg and Holstein district administrator by King Christian IV of Denmark . As such, he and his wife donated the late Renaissance style pulpit for the Marienkirche in Bad Segeberg in 1612 . In the Marienkirche, Markwart and his wife are buried in a crypt that is no longer accessible on the left between the pulpit and the chancel. On the back of the pulpit is a memorial plaque initiated by his son Christian, as well as his knight's helmet worn in the Battle of Lutter, his spurs and his command staff.

Helmet, spurs, command staff and commemorative plaque of the knight Markwart

The translation of the Latin text on the tablet reads as follows:

Stranger stand still and silent reverently,

the place is sacred to the pious.

The devoted son to the deserving parents,

excellent for the towering dead.

Here are buried:

Marquard v. Pentz

The golden knight,

both in military service with the Royal Legion

brave leader, in the markets and at home.

In the hall I pay homage to both

belief in the Lord and famous wisdom.

Not less

Anna v. Tinen

the supreme example of both equal virtue

as well as the noblest sex

Christian v. Pentz

S: RI: Count, knight, shiny gold and the mighty

Danish and Norwegian king

Christian IV. Secret council,

Fortress and city of Tychopolis (Glückstadt) governor

as well as his Steinburg Castle

the southern neighborhood of Dithmarschen,

highest prefect,

Mr. in Wandsbeck, Colonel,

of the best parents' relics has brought here.

I wanted to tell you, stranger.

Now go away in your business

to tell good things about the living and the dead,

in the year after the birth of Christ 1643

Franciscus Röm made me

Markwart, left a son, who later became Count Christian von Pentz , named after the Danish King Christian IV, at whose court he served as court junior at a young age and with whom he was friends. Son Christian was married to Sophie Elisabeth, née Princess of Schleswig, daughter of King Christian IV. From his marriage to Kirsten Munk .



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