Mehboob Khan

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Mehboob Khan ( Hindi : महबूब ख़ान , Mahbūb Kh ān ; real name: Ramjan Khan ; * 1906 in Bilimoria, Gujarat ; † May 28, 1964 in Mumbai , Maharashtra ) was an Indian film director.

Without any schooling, Khan learned his trade directly from film. From 1927 he worked as an extra in the film industry. In 1935 he made his first film, Judgment of Allah , as a director. With Ek Hi Rasta (1939) he dealt with social and political issues for the first time, a topic that has shaped much of his work. Aurat (1940), Bahen (1941) and Roti (1942) - a parable critical of capitalism that questions the monetary value system - correspond to this pattern.

With the triangular story Andaz (1949, with Dilip Kumar , Raj Kapoor and Nargis ) and Aan (1952, with Dilip Kumar and Nadira ), Mehboob Khan was very successful commercially. The latter was his first color film and was also shown in London. In 1957 Mother India , a remake of his film Aurat , appeared about the life of the Indian farmer Radha (Nargis). The film won three Filmfare Awards , including Best Picture and Best Director , and received international attention. Mother India was the first Indian film to be nominated for an Oscar .

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