Methyl orange

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Structural formula
Structural formula of methyl orange
Surname Methyl orange
other names
  • Sodium 4 - {[4- (dimethylamino) phenyl] diazenyl} benzenesulfonate ( IUPAC )
  • CI Acid Orange 52
  • CI 13025
  • Helianthin
  • Orange III
  • Golden orange
  • Tropaeolin D
Molecular formula C 14 H 14 N 3 NaO 3 S
Brief description

orange solid with a faint odor

External identifiers / databases
CAS number
  • 547-58-0
  • 502-02-3 (free acid)
EC number 208-925-3
ECHA InfoCard 100.008.115
PubChem 23673835
ChemSpider 16736152
Wikidata Q409196
Molar mass 327.34 g mol −1
Physical state



1.28 g cm −3

Melting point

> 300 ° C


poor in water (approx. 5 g l −1 at 20 ° C)

safety instructions
GHS labeling of hazardous substances
06 - Toxic or very toxic


H and P phrases H: 301
P: 301-330-331-310
Toxicological data

60 mg kg −1 ( LD 50ratoral )

As far as possible and customary, SI units are used. Unless otherwise noted, the data given apply to standard conditions .

Methyl orange is an azo dye from the application group of acid dyes . It is present as the sodium salt of 4- [4- (dimethylamino) phenylazo] benzenesulfonic acid and is mostly used as a pH indicator .


Sulphanilic acid is diazotized with nitrous acid :

Synthesis of methyl orange: diazotization

The diazonium salt is then coupled with N , N -dimethylaniline ( green ), converted into the sodium salt with sodium hydroxide solution and precipitated :

Synthesis of methyl orange: coupling


Methyl orange forms orange crystals.

Powdered methyl orange.

In the strongly acidic pH range, the azo group is protonated and a mesomeric quinoid system is obtained . When base is added, the group deprotonates in the pH range 3.0 to 4.4 and the color changes from red to yellow-orange.

Methyl orange: mesomeric boundary structures at pH <3 and color change in the pH range 3.0-4.4
Color changes from red to yellow-orange with increasing pH.

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