Central Russian plate

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Central Russian plate
Location of the Central Russian plate

Location of the Central Russian plate

Highest peak 287  m
location West Russia, East Ukraine
Coordinates 52 ° 36 ′  N , 36 ° 48 ′  E Coordinates: 52 ° 36 ′  N , 36 ° 48 ′  E

The Central Russian Plate (also: Central Russian Land Ridge ) is a plateau up to 287  m high in the European part of Russia and in the north-east of Ukraine.

As a vast plateau, the Central Russian Plate is a large part of the great Eastern European plain . It stretches south-west of Moscow from the Smolensk Heights , into which it merges seamlessly in the north, directly west along the Don in a slightly south-easterly direction to the Seversky Donets or just before the large Zimlyansk reservoir . In the southwest it merges into the Dnepri lowlands .

The low mountainous landscape of the Central Russian Plate is characterized by hilly and mountainous areas in which river valleys up to 150 m deep are carved.

The following rivers originate within the Central Russian Plate: Don , Seversky Donets , Oka , Oskol , Psel and Seim ; The Ugra rises at the northern seam of the Smolensk Heights mentioned above . The largest cities are: Kaluga , Tula , Novomoskovsk , Brjansk , Oryol , Kursk and Belgorod .