Middle plantain

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Middle plantain

Middle plantain ( Plantago media )

Euasterids I
Order : Mint family (Lamiales)
Family : Plantain family (Plantaginaceae)
Genre : Plantain ( Plantago )
Type : Middle plantain
Scientific name
Plantago media

The middle plantain ( Plantago media ) is a species of plantain from the genus of the plantain ( Plantago ).


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Vegetative characteristics

The mean plantain is a perennial herbaceous plant that reaches heights of 15 to 50 centimeters. The leaves are arranged in a basal rosette, usually close to the ground. The loose, short whitish hairy leaf blades are 9 to 17 centimeters long, elliptical to broadly ovate and narrow into the short (1 to 4 centimeters long) wide petiole. The tip of the leaf is triangularly rounded or narrowed in a wedge shape. The leaf margin is serrated with entire to irregularly indented.

Generative characteristics

The flowering period extends from May to September. The flowers are arranged on a leafless stem in a 2 to 6 centimeter long, double-stretching, cylindrical, spiked inflorescence until fruit ripe . The flowers are small. The whitish crown is 4 millimeters long. The purple stamens are four to five times as long as the crown. The anthers are pale purple to white in color.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 24 or 12.


The flowers are predominantly feminine , with various handles, fragrant and insect-like, of the brush flower type. The eye-catching effect is created by the striking purple stamens . Pollen seekers such as honeybees , hoverflies and beetles act as pollinators . The pollen is smooth and dry. It also comes cleistogamy and Windblütigkeit ago. The flowering period extends from May to September.

Vegetative propagation occurs through root shoots.

Middle plantain ( Plantago media )


The mean plantain, sometimes (like the broad-leaved plantain ) only called plantain , occurs on poor meadows , semi- arid grassland and along roadsides , preferably on dry, chalky soils, up to an altitude of 1,800 meters. It occurs in societies of the associations Cynosurion, Arrhenatherion, Mesobromion, Cirsio-Brachypodion or Violion. It is native to almost all of Europe and the temperate zones of Asia. In northern Germany it occurs rarely to scattered, in the rest of Germany it is common, but only locally common. In the Allgäu Alps it rises in the Tyrolean part on the Karalpe the beam head up to 1800 m above sea level.


One can distinguish the following subspecies:

  • Plantago media L. subsp. media
  • Plantago media subsp. brutia (Ten.) Arcang. (Syn .: Plantago brutia Ten. ): It occurs in Italy.
  • Plantago media subsp. longifolia (G. Mey.) Witte : It occurs in the Czech Republic.
  • Plantago media subsp. pindica (house name) Greuter & Burdet : It occurs in Croatia, Albania and Greece.


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