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The reform left network is a current in the party Die Linke .


After the Gera party congress of the PDS in October 2002, which was generally rated as a "shift to the left", some reform-oriented politicians of the PDS joined forces in the reform left network and in the 2nd renewal forum . The aim of the reform left is to "renew" the party. This primarily means an increased focus on politics in parliaments and government offices.


“The reform left wants to campaign for political majorities in the PDS, which identifies us as a modern, socialist party. At least that's my concern. We don't want to conserve, we want to break open. We don't want to defame, we want to clarify. We don't want to isolate ourselves, we want to intervene in society "

- Petra Pau :, July 5, 2003

The Berlin PDS MP Elke Breitenbach saw "the very strong and crude anti-Americanism of the PDS party base in some places" as an undesirable point of contact for right-wing extremists. At the PDS special party conference on April 4, 2003, she wanted to ensure “that the party clearly positions itself on the question of anti-Americanism”.


In June 2003, Lothar Bisky was re-elected PDS chairman at a special party conference. At the same time, Gregor Gysi was asked to return. Representatives of the so-called “left wing” of the PDS spoke of a “coup party conference”, not least because prominent members of their own wing such as Diether Dehm and Uwe Hiksch were voted out of office. Since then, majorities have mostly acted at party congresses, to the right of which the Forum 2. Renewal and the Reform Left belong. This was also evident at the PDS program party conference at the end of 2003.


In the course of the formation of the Left Party and the WASG to form the new party Die Linke, there was less activity on the part of the reformist left in the Left Party. Some members of this current joined the SPD. However, the network wants to become more involved again in the party Die Linke . Within the range of ideological currents in the party Die Linke , the Reform Left network is one of the most important groups, together with the Forum Democratic Socialism , the Communist Platform , the Anti-Capitalist Left and the Socialist Left. The emancipatory left occupies a middle position between the camp of reformers and the camp of orthodox.

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