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The New Wave of British Heavy Metal (often abbreviated as NWoBHM ) is a term from the late 1970s and early 1980s that was invented by the London heavy metal DJ Neal Kay , giving a musical branch its name. It subsumes the young British bands who followed the tradition of early heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath or Deep Purple , without wanting to forego the energy of punk .

The classic representatives of the NWoBHM are u. a. Angel Witch , Praying Mantis , Samson , Tygers of Pan Tang , Holocaust or Diamond Head , but still successful bands like Iron Maiden , Def Leppard or Saxon . Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Motörhead are not included in the NWoBHM in the narrower sense, as they had been active since the early or mid 1970s, but these bands were also significantly involved in the upswing of the British metal scene with important albums in 1980 . benefited from it themselves. Motörhead's singer Lemmy Kilmister distanced his music from metal and called it rock 'n' roll . He saw bands like Judas Priest and Black Sabbath as the real metal, faster bands like the New Wave of British Heavy Metal or Metallica sounded more like punk than metal to him.

The music of the original NWoBHM is now generally referred to as Heavy Metal , as a demarcation to sub-categories such as Thrash Metal , Glam Metal , Speed ​​Metal or Power Metal .

Important albums




  • Gillan - Future Shock
  • Iron Maiden - Killers
  • Praying Mantis  - Time Tells No Lies
  • Raven  - Rock Until You Drop
  • Tygers of Pan Tang - Spellbound



  • Satan  - Court in the Act

The following albums do not come from NWoBHM bands, but were shaped by this subgenre and influenced its further development:


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