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John Michael "Ozzy" Osbourne (born December 3, 1948 in Birmingham- Aston) is a British rock musician . Ozzy Osbourne became known as the lead singer of the heavy metal band Black Sabbath . As a solo artist, he achieved several platinum awards from 1980 to the mid-1990s. He is nicknamed Godfather of Metal (Godfather of Metal) and Prince of Darkness (Prince of Darkness). This success is also thanks to his wife and manager Sharon Osbourne ; with her help he founded the Ozzfest in 1996 .


Childhood and youth

Ozzy Osbourne's signature from the I-Just-Want-You promotion EP

John Michael Osbourne was born the fourth of six children to Jack and Lillian Osbourne in Aston, Birmingham, England. His father Jack worked as a toolmaker in a steel mill , his mother Lillian assembled circuits in an automobile factory . The family lived in a small row house with two rooms in simple proportions. Osbourne attended the King Edward VI Comprehensive School there, where he was nicknamed "Ozzy". He had problems at school because he had poor reading and spelling problems. His biography (published in 2009) states that he had not been in any other band before joining Black Sabbath. He owned an old guitar case that only read "The Black Panthers".

At 15, Osbourne left school and got by as a laborer with various odd jobs as plumber , butcher , painter and as an assistant in a funeral home in order to be able to earn some money for his family. With poor pay, Osbourne tried his hand at being a thief and burglar, but was eventually caught and jailed for six weeks. In prison he tattooed his nickname "Ozzy" on his fingers with graphite and a needle, which is now one of his trademarks.

Ozzy Osbourne (right) with Black Sabbath

Eventually he borrowed some money from his father Jack and bought a microphone and a 50-watt amplifier. Osbourne placed an ad in a local music store with his new stage name "Ozzy Zig", whereupon bassist Terry "Geezer" Butler contacted him. At the same time guitarist Tony Iommi and his friend Bill Ward became aware of the ad as they were looking for a singer. After some negotiations they founded the “Polka Tulk Blues Band” in 1968, which originally consisted of two other members. Since the two other members did not fit into the band, the band broke up under a pretext and reformed the four of them again as "Earth", which was renamed Black Sabbath in 1969 . Osbourne remained a member of Black Sabbath until 1979. Since then he has been a solo artist and since 2012 at the latest he has been the lead singer of Black Sabbath again.


In the public perception, Osbourne was considered a rock singer that bordered on madness, among other things because he allegedly bit off animals' heads and practiced occult rituals on stage. This perception was put into perspective by the broadcast of the hit program The Osbournes , which Osbourne showed in his private environment. His origin and disability are decisive for his personality.

Especially during the 1980s, Osbourne struggled with his addiction to alcohol and other drugs , which often got him into trouble and embroiled in scandals. Among other things, Osbourne said he shot 17 of his own cats on purpose. However, the spectacular and mass media effective animal beheadings were singular events and occult practices on the stage were show elements, the reduction and reflection of which on Osbourne's personality fall short.

In 2016 it was announced that Osbourne had suffered from sex addiction since 2010 . In early 2020, Ozzy Osbourne announced that he had Parkinson's disease.

Solo career

Black Sabbath separated from him in 1979 because of his drug problems. Osbourne lived at the Le Parc Hotel in Los Angeles , California for several months and his drug use intensified. Only when Sharon Arden (the daughter of the former Black Sabbath manager and Jet Records company boss Don Arden ) paid off some debts and suggested starting a career as a solo artist, Osbourne started a new attempt. That same year, Osbourne, with the help of Sharon Arden, put together the band "Blizzard of Ozz", which consisted of guitarist Randy Rhoads , bassist Bob Daisley , drummer Lee Kerslake and keyboardist Don Airey . With this line-up, the first album Blizzard of Ozz was recorded in England and released in 1980 (after all under the name "Ozzy Osbourne") on Jet Records. The first official concert of "Blizzard of Ozz" took place on September 12, 1980 at the Apollo Theater in Glasgow . The single Crazy Train , the new album and the subsequent tour through England met with a positive response from audiences and critics.

The 1980s

Ozzy Osbourne's logo from 1980 to 1986 and 2007 (Black Rain)

Since nothing should stand in the way of a world tour, Osbourne and his manager flew to the USA to negotiate a recording contract for the album that had just been released. Since the record company CBS was not interested, Arden suggested taking two pigeons to a meeting with the chairmen and throwing them in the air. In front of those present, Osbourne released a pigeon and bit off the other's head. Despite everything, the contract was signed.

The follow-up album Diary of a Madman was released in 1981 after further tours. The album, like its predecessor, is considered a classic in the history of modern rock music and heavy metal and shows the playful and compositional skills of those involved. Above all, Randy Rhoads' guitar playing on these albums is considered groundbreaking and has influenced many of their famous guitarists to this day.

In the same year, Osbourne divorced his wife Thelma Mayfair, with whom he has two children.

On January 20, 1982, the band made a guest appearance in Des Moines , Iowa . During the concert, a spectator threw a live bat onto the stage, which bit Osbourne's head off. In an interview he later asserted that he believed it was a rubber dummy. Osbourne was taken to the hospital after the concert, where he was given a rabies shot . In the weeks that followed, stage appearances were only possible to a very limited extent, as he suffered several attacks of weakness and collapsed. This action got through the press worldwide, concerts were boycotted by animal rights activists and religious communities, devout Christians and preachers publicly burned Ozzy Osbourne records. Ozzy describes the following about this scandal in detail in an interview:

“But immediately something felt wrong, very wrong. To begin with, my mouth was instantly full of that warm, sticky liquid with the worst aftertaste imaginable. I could feel it staining my teeth and running down my chin. "

This image took advantage of Osbourne, and he drove huge stage productions with special effects, where he raged like a madman (hence his nickname "Madman") on the stage and fought battles with the audience with slaughterhouse waste. At this point the band with drummer Tommy Aldridge and bassist Rudy Sarzo had reached an early zenith.

The tragedy came when guitarist Randy Rhoads was killed on March 19, 1982 in a private plane crash. After a few weeks, Rhoads was replaced for a short time by the Irish guitarist Bernie Tormé (ex- Gillan ). He was eventually replaced by Brad Gillis from the rock band Night Ranger .

In 1982 the live album Speak of the Devil (also published as Talk of the Devil ) was released, which only contains pieces by Black Sabbath and a dedication to the late Randy Rhoads. Due to disputes, the live album was only released to fulfill the contract with Don Arden and Jet Records. Arden obtained that his daughter and Osbourne had to buy their way out of the contract for $ 1.5 million. Sharon Arden did not speak to her father for over 20 years. On July 4, 1982, Osbourne married Sharon Arden in Hawaii .

Bob Daisley was brought back into the band as a composer and Brad Gillis was replaced by guitarist Jake E. Lee from San Diego . In 1983 Osbourne's third studio album, Bark at the Moon , was released, for the cover and video release of which Osbourne turned into a werewolf. The subsequent world tour with Mötley Crüe was very successful and was only interrupted by an accident in which Osbourne sustained cuts while filming the video for the single So Tired on an exploding mirror with shards of glass.

On September 2, 1983, Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne's first daughter, Aimee Rachel, was born.

Osbourne was admitted to the Betty Ford Center for rehabilitation for drug rehab. After a short period of abstinence , he relapsed again. In the mid-1980s, Osbourne played at several major festivals, such as "Rock in Rio", "US Festival '83", "Monsters of Rock" and Live Aid initiated by Bob Geldof , where he made a short three-song song Appearance with his old colleagues from Black Sabbath .

Their second daughter, Kelly Lee , was born on October 27, 1984, and their son, Jack Joseph , on November 8, the following year .

1986 saw another solo album called The Ultimate Sin , which was followed by a tour with Metallica as the opening act. The single Shot in the Dark was a hit. The position on bass was taken over for the album and the tour by Phil Soussan ; Randy Castillo could now be heard on drums .

Osbourne was sued by teenage boy John McCollum's parents that same year for driving their son to suicide through the song Suicide Solution from the debut album Blizzard of Ozz . According to the police, the young man shot himself with a rifle while listening to the album at home. An analysis by the plaintiff's company, "Bio Acoustics Research, Inc", was presented in court as evidence, which stated that hidden messages could be heard in the song Suicide Solution . These messages are recorded at a certain frequency in order to stimulate the subconscious and make the hidden messages accessible to the listener. According to the plaintiff, the messages read: " Why try, why try ... get the gun, get the gun ... shoot, shoot, shoot ... " (in German: " Why try, ... get the gun, ... shoot "). However, Osbourne's side invoked the right to artistic freedom and stated that such messages were not to be found on any of Osbourne's records. Osbourne himself was deeply shaken by the incident and swore that he would never put such messages on his albums. The song Suicide Solution reflects Osbourne's experience of fighting his alcohol addiction and also addresses the death of AC / DC singer Bon Scott . However, it does not call anyone to commit suicide . This proceeding triggered a wave of lawsuits against other music groups, primarily rock and metal bands, in the United States . In 1988 the lawsuit was finally dismissed by a court.

In 1987 the live album Tribute was released , which contains a compilation of two performances from 1981 with Randy Rhoads and is dedicated to the late guitarist. That year, Osbourne limited himself to promoting the album, only played one appearance in front of prisoners and recorded the duo Close My Eyes Forever with Lita Ford , which became a hit.

In 1988 Osbourne brought the still unknown guitarist Zakk Wylde from New Jersey into his band, who replaced Jake E. Lee. Bob Daisley took over the bass again and supported the band for the recording of the next album No Rest for the Wicked . Following the release Daisley was again colleagues Sabbath replaced by Osbourne's former Black Geezer Butler for the tour that the band in 1989 after Moscow introduced and where they together with groups like Bon Jovi , Cinderella , the Scorpions including the stage at the Moscow Music Peace Festival announced .

On September 2, 1988, Osbourne was drunk and tried to strangle his wife, Sharon, for which he was arrested. The police only released him under the condition that he would go into rehab in a closed institution. Despite his best efforts, Osbourne initially failed to quell his addiction.

The 1990s

Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne

In 1990 the live EP Just Say Ozzy was released with some recordings of the "No Rest For The Wicked" tour. 1991 Bob Daisley was brought back into the band for the recordings of the next album No More Tears , shortly afterwards he was replaced by Mike Inez . In private, Osbourne swore off alcohol and other drugs and underwent rigorous fitness programs and a healthy diet. With a very successful album, from which several singles were released and music videos were shot, Osbourne went on a world tour again (which was under the motto "No More Tours"). The tour ended in November 1992 in Costa Mesa , California , with the original Black Sabbath cast performing together, performing four classics.

Since Osbourne suffered from severe tremors and speech disorders and these were getting worse at the time, he consulted several doctors who first diagnosed him with Parkinson's disease . After several examinations, however, specialists found that it was an inherited nervous disease that could be treated with medication.

In 1993 the live double album Live & Loud was released , a recording of the last tour. Then Osbourne tried to put a band together. The planned project with guitarist Steve Vai failed, however. Osbourne tackled the Ozzmosis album with Zakk Wylde , Geezer Butler, Deen Castronovo and Rick Wakeman . In 1994 Ozzy Osbourne received the Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance for I Don't Want to Change the World .

After the recording, Zakk Wylde left the band to focus on his solo projects and was replaced by Joe Holmes . The album was very well received and the subsequent world tour under the motto "Retirement Sucks" was again a great success. During the tour, Deen Castronovo was fired due to irreconcilable differences, and first Randy Castillo , then Mike Bordin, were brought on drums. Robert Trujillo took over the bass .

Sharon Osbourne tried unsuccessfully to book her husband for the Lollapalooza Festival. She then organized the Ozzfest in 1996 , which is still held annually today. Through this festival groups like Slipknot , Korn , System of a Down and many others became world famous. Well-established and successful bands such as Judas Priest , Iron Maiden , Megadeth , Slayer , Fear Factory and Pantera have already participated.

In 1997 the best-of album The OZZman Cometh was released with some unreleased recordings of Black Sabbath from 1969 and the new track Back on Earth . The rest of the album consists of a chronological cross-section through Osbourne's previous creative phase. On December 4th and 5th, 1997 Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Butler and Bill Ward played the first two appearances of their Black Sabbath Reunion tour in their hometown of Birmingham, England. From then on, Osbourne was initially fully occupied with world tours on the part of Black Sabbath, a few solo appearances and the Ozzfest tour.

A year later, in 1998, the live album Reunion by Black Sabbath was released with the recordings of the shows in Birmingham and the two new tracks Psycho Man and Selling My Soul .

From 2000

Ozzy Osbourne's logo on the
Down to Earth album

In the fall of 2001, the solo album Down to Earth was released , which was followed by a tour of the USA and Canada . Fellow musicians were Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, Mike Bordin and keyboardist John Sinclair, who also recorded the album.

Osbourne suffered a setback in April 2001 when his mother died at the age of 85. He showed his social streak when he gave a benefit concert for the victims of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 in New York on December 23, 2001 and sold specially made T-shirts during the tour, the proceeds of which he donated. The tour took place under the motto “Merry Mayhem” (the first motto “Black Christmas” was discarded out of respect for the victims of the attack).

On March 26, 2002, Randy Castillo died of cancer. This month, the three-season reality TV series The Osbournes premiered on MTV . Osbourne and his family gave insights into their private lives and became world-famous superstars in no time.

Osbourne's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

On April 12, 2002 Ozzy Osbourne was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame , three months later he sang the song Paranoid at the Party at the Palace on the occasion of the golden jubilee of Elizabeth II .

As part of the success of the Osbourne family, the following year , in addition to the live album Live at Budokan (a recording of the Ozzy Osbourne Japan tour), another best-of album, The Essential , was released, which does not contain any new material . The single release of the ballad Dreamer from Down to Earth and the accompanying music video produced by Rob Zombie were a great success. Another single, Mama, I'm Coming Home from the Best Of album, also did well thanks to its promotion on The Osbournes show.

In the meantime, bassist Robert Trujillo left the band to replace Jason Newsted , who left Metallica . He in turn joined Osbourne's band as a replacement for Trujillo for some time and even played a few live shows.

The events were overshadowed by Sharon Osbourne's colon cancer. His children Jack and Kelly had increasing problems with alcohol and other drugs and had to be admitted to rehab. After these depths were overcome and his wife's health improved, Osbourne himself suffered an accident that almost cost him his life: In December 2003, he took a ride on a quad bike through the woods on his estate in England. He drove through a deep hole and then into a tree, rolled over, injured himself critically and was even clinically dead for a short time. A bodyguard who drove with him was able to revive Osbourne with first aid measures and so that Save lives. Osbourne spent the next few months doing rehabilitation. The announced European tour for 2004 had to be canceled.

At the same time, the single Changes , which Osbourne had previously recorded with his daughter Kelly, rose to number 1 in the BBC charts. It is a cover version of the song of the same name by his group Black Sabbath from the album Vol. 4 from the year 1972. Osbourne broke the record for the longest period between first chart placement and first No. 1 single.

By the summer of 2004, Osbourne was healthy enough to take part in the Ozzfest. In 2005 the 4-CD box set Prince of Darkness was released , which includes a CD with cover versions in addition to some “Best Of” pieces, unpublished demo versions and live recordings as well as collaborations with other artists. This album was released again in November 2005 with further bonus songs under the title Under Cover and the single In My Life .

On May 18, 2007, the album Black Rain was released . On May 27, 2007 his “Black Rain 2007” tour started in Moscow, which also took him to Germany on June 28, 2007. He gave his only concert in Germany in the Olympiahalle in Munich.

Ozzy Osbourne sings the theme song of the American World Wrestling Entertainment Pay-Per-View Judgment Day and the TV series Dog - The Bountyhunter .

In November 2008, Ozzy Osbourne also appeared as an advertising partner for the online game World of Warcraft .

In the console game Guitar Hero - World Tour he appears together with Zakk Wylde as a 3D animated character. His typical movement sequences were recorded in a studio with the help of motion capturing technology and integrated into the game to match the songs Crazy Train and Mr. Crowley . His single I don't wanna stop is also featured in the game Guitar Hero - On Tour .

In 2009 Osbourne announced that longtime guitarist Zakk Wylde had to leave the band because Osbourne " sounded too much like Black Label Society ". Zakk reacted surprised and sometimes angry. He asked Ozzy for clarification in interviews because he said he had not been informed.

As a “special” guest, Ozzy Osbourne gave during BlizzCon ( Blizzard Entertainment ), which took place on April 21-22. August 2009 in Anaheim, California, a live concert with the following musicians by his side: Gus G. ( Firewind , guitar), Tommy Clufetos (including Alice Cooper , Ted Nugent and Rob Zombie , drums) Rob "Blasko" Nicholson ( Rob Zombie, bass) and Adam Wakeman (keyboards, with Ozzy since 2004).

In October 2009, Osbourne published his autobiography under the title I Am Ozzy (Eng. Ozzy: The Autobiography ). In June 2010 the new album Scream was released .

In 2010 he sang the song Crucify The Dead by Slash on his solo album Slash .

On September 16, 2010, Ozzy had to cancel the only concert in Germany in his 2010/2011 world tour in Oberhausen to recover from a muscle strain in his back. His doctors had given him three to four days of rest so that he could undergo ultrasound treatment. Ozzy regretted the cancellation. The concert was rescheduled on June 13, 2011 and there was an additional show on June 15, 2011 in Munich. On August 4th, 2011 he played as headliner at the Wacken Open Air 2011.

At the end of 2011, the documentary God Bless Ozzy Osbourne was released in cinemas and on DVD. Osbourne's son Jack directed it.

On November 11, 2011, Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Bill Ward and Geezer Butler announced at a press conference the reunion of Black Sabbath with an album for autumn / winter 2012 and a European tour. Due to a cancer of Tony Iommi at the beginning of 2012 all concerts except for one appearance at the Download Festival were canceled and replaced by an Ozzy and Friends tour, which toured Europe in spring / summer 2012. This led to Dortmund on June 3, 2012 and to Mannheim on June 20, 2012. The latter concert had to be canceled at short notice because, according to the organizer, Osbourne suffered a faint attack backstage during the set for the opening act Black Label Society. In addition to Osbourne's band from the Scream Tour 2010/2011, the line-up included guitarists Slash and Zakk Wylde and Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler. However, Iommi confirmed that work on the new album continued as planned. The album 13 was released in June 2013.

In 2013, Ozzy admitted that he had been drinking alcohol and other drugs again for two years . The Black Sabbath reunion, however, would have nothing to do with it. He is now clean again. His marriage also almost fell apart.

In March 2014, it became known that Ozzy Osbourne's house in Buckinghamshire , England, was flooded, causing at least half a million US dollars in damage. During the post-flood renovation, a rare species of bat was discovered that had to be removed for approximately $ 27,000. This house has burned twice, it was broken into and Ozzy had his serious quad bike accident there in 2003 . He also lived in a house in Los Angeles that burned in 2013. In 2015, he bought a new house in Beverly Hills for $ 10 million.

In 2016 Ozzy Osbourne went on a world tour with his son Jack Osbourne to visit historical places. The reality TV series was produced by Osbourne Media and TGroup Productions for the US television station HISTORY. In Germany, the series was broadcast in 2017 on the German pay TV channel HISTORY .

On February 4, 2017 Black Sabbath played the 81st and final concert of their The End tour with Ozzy Osbourne in his hometown of Birmingham ; it was shown in an abridged version in over 1,500 cinemas worldwide on September 28, 2017.


  • On June 16, 2014, the Dresden Waldschlößchenbrücke was renamed the Ozzy-Osbourne-Brücke by an unknown person on the Google Maps map service .
  • In 2010 the Osbournes genome was deciphered.
  • In 2014 a species of frog was discovered in the Amazon that makes a bat-like sound. It was named Dendropsophus ozzyi because of Ozzy Osbourne's world-famous bat bite .
  • After failing the driving test 19 times, Osbourne passed the test on his 20th attempt in 2010 at the age of 61.

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