Nienhagen (Moringen)

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City of Moringen
Coat of arms of Nienhagen
Coordinates: 51 ° 42 ′ 27 ″  N , 9 ° 49 ′ 24 ″  E
Height : 257 m above sea level NN
Residents : 459  (Jan 2020)
Incorporation : March 1, 1974
Postal code : 37186
Area code : 05554
Nienhagen (Lower Saxony)

Location of Nienhagen in Lower Saxony

Nienhagen is a village in the town of Moringen in the Northeim district in southern Lower Saxony .


The place name ("new Hag ") indicates a new settlement compared to the neighboring villages. The first written mention is only given for the year 1410 ( by the Nygenhagen ), in other literature even only for 1448 as Nigehage . At the end of the 18th century, 34 fireplaces were listed for Nienhagen. The road layout and the arrangement of the courtyards have only changed insignificantly since the beginning of the 19th century; in the 20th century, a structurally almost separate new building area was added immediately to the east of the village and the separate district of Weper one kilometer west of the village .

On March 1, 1974, Nienhagen was incorporated into the city of Moringen.


Fortified chapel St. Johannis from the north

The St. Johannis Chapel is a rare example of a still preserved tower church that was built in the Middle Ages. It is located on the southern edge at the highest point of the village and has only been structurally changed slightly so that its construction as a fortified church is still very well recognizable. The floor plan is rectangular, the length is 15 meters, the width 6.40 meters. The building, built around the year 1300 from quarry stones with corner cuboids and a door frame made from hewn sandstone, was originally three-story, but with the removal of a wooden beam ceiling between the upper floors, it is now two-story. It combined the sacral function of a chapel in the lower room with the protective function of a refuge and the storage function of a pantry in the upper rooms. The chapel room is closed off at the top by a pointed arched cross vault, the three yokes of which were originally separated by belt arches . Access to the chapel through a pointed arch door is on the north side. Today the chapel room has three larger neo-Gothic pointed arch windows on the south side, which were installed in 1872; a narrow window on the choir side, on the other hand, is still original. The access to the upper floor was on the east side above the choir. Together with the similar chapel of St. Nikolai in neighboring Oldenrode is the chapel due to its special design and its state of preservation as an example of the possible appearance of former no longer preserved churches of deserted villages of the region such as the deserted village Schmeessen cited.


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