Northwest Division (NHL)

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The Northwest Division was a division in the North American Ice Hockey League National Hockey League , which was in the Western Conference and included five teams. The hometown of the teams in the Northwest Division was located in the geographic northwest of the densely populated areas of North America ( Colorado to British Columbia ).

In the NHL, the introduction of the Northwest Division in 1998 as part of the expansion ( Nashville Predators came new to the league) became necessary when the two conferences were too big for two divisions each. The Northwest Division was formed isochronously with the Southeast Division that year . After a reorganization of the divisions before the 2013-14 NHL season , the Northwest Division was dissolved.


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Calgary Flames
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1999 Colorado Avalanche
2000 Colorado Avalanche
2001 Colorado Avalanche
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2004 Vancouver Canucks
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2007 Vancouver Canucks
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