NHL 2013-14

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NHL 2013-14
league NHL National Hockey League
Period October 1, 2013 to June 13, 2014
Teams 30th
Games / team 82
Event NHL Entry Draft 2013
Top pick CanadaCanada Nathan MacKinnon
Elected by Colorado Avalanche
Regular season
Presidents' Trophy Boston Bruins
MVP CanadaCanada Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh)
Top scorer CanadaCanada Sidney Crosby (Pittsburgh)
Stanley Cup winner Los Angeles Kings
finalist New York Rangers
Playoff MVP CanadaCanada Justin Williams (Los Angeles)
NHL seasons
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The 2013-14 NHL season was the 97th season of the National Hockey League (NHL).

In the course of the move of the Atlanta Thrashers from Atlanta in the US state of Georgia to the Canadian Winnipeg and the resulting renaming of the team to Winnipeg Jets in the summer of 2011, a new format was introduced at the beginning of this season: the system with six divisions , which has been in place since 1998 Abolished in favor of a four-division format; a new play-off format was also introduced.

The regular season began on October 1, 2013 and ended with the Boston Bruins winning the second Presidents' Trophy on April 13, 2014. Sidney Crosby was the most successful scorer with 104 points and Alexander Ovechkin was the top scorer with 51 goals. Among the goalkeepers, Semjon Varlamow recorded the most league- wide wins with 41 wins and Tuukka Rask led the league with seven shutouts in this standings.

The playoffs began on April 16, 2014 and ended on June 24, 2014 with the second Stanley Cup win by the Los Angeles Kings, who beat the New York Rangers in the NHL final . Los Angeles' Justin Williams was awarded the Conn Smythe Trophy for Most Valuable Player of the Play-Offs .

League operation

Rearrangement of the divisions

After the Atlanta Thrashers moved from Atlanta in the US state of Georgia to Winnipeg, Canada and the resulting renaming of the team in Winnipeg Jets , the National Hockey League presented a plan on December 5, 2011, with the approval of the NHL Board of Governors, according to which the existing divisions are to be dissolved and four new divisions are to be created. The newly created Western Conference would thus contain two divisions with eight teams each and the new Eastern Conference two divisions with seven teams each.

According to the plan, the four best teams in each division would have qualified for the play-offs . In addition, each team would have played a home and away game against each team from the other division during the main round; as well as five or six games against teams from their own division. The as yet unnamed divisions would have looked as follows after the decision:

A. B. C. D.
Anaheim Ducks Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins Carolina Hurricanes
Calgary Flames Columbus Blue Jackets Buffalo Sabers New Jersey Devils
Colorado Avalanche Dallas Stars Florida panthers New York Islanders
Edmonton Oilers Detroit Red Wings Montréal Canadiens New York Rangers
Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers
Phoenix Coyotes Nashville Predators Tampa Bay Lightning Pittsburgh Penguins
San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Toronto Maple Leafs Washington Capitals
Vancouver Canucks Winnipeg Jets

On January 6, 2012, the plan was rejected by the National Hockey League Players' Association (NHLPA), maintaining the existing format for the 2012/13 season.

During the 2012/13 season, the league and the players' union agreed on a new structure that will be implemented starting this season. Accordingly, the Winnipeg Jets will be transferred to the Central Division of the Western Conference; the Detroit Red Wings and the Columbus Blue Jackets play in the Eastern Conference instead of in the Western. Both Conferences now have two divisions: The Eastern Conference consists of the Atlantic Division and the new Metropolitan Division ; the Western Conference made up of the Central Division and the Pacific Division . A new play-off format will also be introduced, according to which the three best teams from each division will qualify for the play-offs. In addition, there are two “wild card” teams in each conference, so that there are 16 play-off participants as before. As a result of the realignment, the Eastern Conference now consists of 16 teams and the Western Conference of 14 teams. On March 14th, the new format was officially approved by the NHL Board of Governors.

The new divisions look like this:

Pacific Division Central Division Atlantic Division Metropolitan Division
Anaheim Ducks Chicago Blackhawks Boston Bruins Carolina Hurricanes
Calgary Flames Colorado Avalanche Buffalo Sabers Columbus Blue Jackets
Edmonton Oilers Dallas Stars Detroit Red Wings New Jersey Devils
Los Angeles Kings Minnesota Wild Florida panthers New York Islanders
Phoenix Coyotes Nashville Predators Canadiens de Montréal New York Rangers
San Jose Sharks St. Louis Blues Ottawa Senators Philadelphia Flyers
Vancouver Canucks Winnipeg Jets Tampa Bay Lightning Pittsburgh Penguins
Toronto Maple Leafs Washington Capitals

Rule changes

Jarome Iginla 2013-04-26.JPG
Milan Lucic-crop.jpg

Jarome Iginla (left) with a half visor on his helmet; Milan Lucic (r.) Without.
  • All players who have played fewer than 25 NHL games are now required to wear a half-visor on their helmet.
  • Players who remove their helmets prior to a fist fight will receive an additional two-minute time penalty.
  • Players who wear their jerseys in their pants will receive a two-minute time penalty after an initial warning (NHL rule 9.5).
  • Modification of the icing rule: From now on the so-called “hybrid icing” applies, according to which the official can stop the game before the player of the defending team touches the puck. Hybrid icing replaces touch icing .
  • In addition, changes were made to the width and depth of the goal as well as to the dimensions of the goalie equipment.

Entry Draft

The 2013 NHL Entry Draft took place on June 30, 2013 in Newark , New Jersey . With the First Overall Draft Pick , the Colorado Avalanche selected the Canadian center Nathan MacKinnon . Aleksander Barkov and Jonathan Drouin were selected in second and third place . A total of 211 players from twelve nations were drafted from the NHL franchises in seven rounds.

Top 5 picks

# player nationality Item NHL team College / junior / professional team
1. Nathan MacKinnon CanadaCanada Canada C. Colorado Avalanche Halifax Mooseheads ( QMJHL )
2. Aleksander Barkov FinlandFinland Finland C. Florida panthers Tappara ( SM-liiga )
3. Jonathan Drouin CanadaCanada Canada LW Tampa Bay Lightning Halifax Mooseheads (QMJHL)
4th Seth Jones United StatesUnited States United States D. Nashville Predators Portland Winterhawks ( WHL )
5. Elias Lindholm SwedenSweden Sweden C. Carolina Hurricanes Brynäs IF ( Elitserien )

Regular season


As of April 14, 2014

Abbreviations: GP = games, W = wins, L = defeats, OTL = defeat after overtime or shootout , GF = goals scored, GA = goals conceded, Pts = points
Explanations: The position within the conference is in brackets; = Playoff qualification, = Division winner, = Conference winner, = Presidents' Trophy winner

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division
Atlantic Division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Boston Bruins 82 54 19th 9 261 177 117
Tampa Bay Lightning 82 46 27 9 240 215 101
Canadiens de Montréal 82 46 28 8th 215 204 100
Metropolitan Division
Metropolitan Division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Pittsburgh Penguins 82 51 24 7th 249 207 109
New York Rangers 82 45 31 6th 218 193 96
Philadelphia Flyers 82 42 30th 10 236 235 94
Wild card teams
Wild card teams division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Columbus Blue Jackets MET 82 43 32 7th 231 216 93
Detroit Red Wings ATL 82 39 28 15th 222 230 93
Washington Capitals MET 82 38 30th 14th 235 240 90
New Jersey Devils MET 82 35 29 18th 197 208 88
Ottawa Senators ATL 82 37 31 14th 236 265 88
Toronto Maple Leafs ATL 82 38 36 8th 231 256 84
Carolina Hurricanes MET 82 36 35 11 207 230 83
New York Islanders MET 82 34 37 11 225 267 79
Florida panthers ATL 82 29 45 8th 196 268 66
Buffalo Sabers ATL 82 21st 51 10 157 248 52

Western Conference

Central Division
Central Division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Colorado Avalanche 82 52 22nd 8th 250 220 112
St. Louis Blues 82 52 23 7th 248 191 111
Chicago Blackhawks 82 46 21st 15th 267 220 107
Pacific Division
Pacific Division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Anaheim Ducks 82 54 20th 8th 266 209 116
San Jose Sharks 82 51 22nd 9 249 200 111
Los Angeles Kings 82 46 28 8th 206 174 100
Wild card teams
Wild card teams division GP W. L. OTL GF GA Pts
Minnesota Wild CEN 82 43 27 12 207 206 98
Dallas Stars CEN 82 40 31 11 235 228 91
Phoenix Coyotes PAC 82 37 30th 15th 216 231 89
Nashville Predators CEN 82 38 32 12 216 242 88
Winnipeg Jets CEN 82 37 35 10 227 237 84
Vancouver Canucks PAC 82 36 35 11 196 223 83
Calgary Flames PAC 82 35 40 7th 209 241 77
Edmonton Oilers PAC 82 29 44 9 203 270 67

Best scorer

Sidney Crosby , best scorer and Art Ross Trophy winner .

With 104 points, Sidney Crosby led the scorer list of the NHL. He also achieved the season high of 68 assists . The top scorer was Alexander Ovechkin with 51 goals. In the plus / minus rating, David Krejčí led with +39; Alexander Edler had the worst value with -39. The most power play goals were scored by Alexander Ovetschkin, who scored 24 times in the majority. With 386 shots, he was also the player who shot on goal the most. Outnumbered, Brad Marchand and Tyler Johnson were the most successful with five goals each. With 213 penalty minutes, Tom Sestito had the most this season. Erik Karlsson was the most successful defender with 78 points.

Abbreviations: Sp = games, T = goals, V = assists , pts = points, +/- = plus / minus , SM = penalty minutes; Fat: tournament best

player team Sp T V Pt +/- SM
Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins 80 36 68 104 +18 46
Ryan Getzlaf Anaheim Ducks 77 31 56 87 +28 31
Claude Giroux Philadelphia Flyers 82 28 58 86 +7 46
Tyler Seguin Dallas Stars 80 37 47 84 +16 18th
Corey Perry Anaheim Ducks 81 43 39 82 +32 65
Phil Kessel Toronto Maple Leafs 82 37 43 80 −5 27
Taylor Hall Edmonton Oilers 75 27 53 80 −15 44
Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals 78 51 28 79 −35 48
Joe Pavelski San Jose Sharks 82 41 38 79 +23 32
Jamie Benn Dallas Stars 81 34 45 79 +21 64

Best goalkeeper

Semyon Varlamov had the most wins of any goalkeeper.

Abbreviations: GP = games, Min = ice age (in minutes), W = wins, L = defeats, OTL = overtime / shootout defeats , GA = goals conceded, SO = shutouts , Sv% = shots saved (in%), GAA = Conceded goal; Bold: Season best

player team Sp Min W. L. OTL GA SO Sv% ATM
Josh Harding Minnesota Wild 29 1667 18th 7th 3 46 3 93.3 1.65
Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins 58 3386 36 15th 6th 115 7th 93.0 2.04
Semyon Varlamov Colorado Avalanche 63 3639 41 14th 6th 146 2 92.7 2.41
Carey Price Canadiens de Montréal 59 3464 34 20th 5 134 6th 92.7 2.32
Anton Chudobin Carolina Hurricanes 36 2084 19th 14th 1 80 1 92.6 2.30

Best rookie scorer

Nathan MacKinnon , best point collector among all rookies.

Nathan MacKinnon led the rookies as the best scorer with 63 points . MacKinnon was together with Tyler Johnson with 24 goals also the top scorer. MacKinnon, who made 39 assists , also recorded the most assists . The most successful defender was Torey Krug with 40 points. In the plus / minus rating, Ondřej Palát led with a score of +32. In the power play , Nathan MacKinnon was also at the top of the new pros with eight goals, while Tyler Johnson scored five goals outnumbered. MacKinnon shot the most on goal with 134 shots. With 152 penalty minutes, Radko Gudas had the most rookies this season. Jacob Trouba was on the ice the longest with an average of 22 minutes and 26 seconds per game.

player team Sp T V Pt +/- SM
Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche 82 24 39 63 +20 26th
Ondřej Palace Tampa Bay Lightning 81 23 36 59 +32 20th
Tyler Johnson Tampa Bay Lightning 82 24 26th 50 +23 26th
Torey pitcher Boston Bruins 79 14th 26th 40 +18 28
Nick Bjugstad Florida panthers 76 16 22nd 38 −14 72

Stanley Cup playoffs

  Conference quarterfinals Conference semifinals Conference finals Stanley Cup Final
A1  Boston Bruins 4th            
EWC2  Detroit Red Wings 1  
A1  Boston Bruins 3
NHL Eastern Conference.svg Eastern Conference
  A3  Canadiens de Montréal 4th  
A2  Tampa Bay Lightning 0
A3  Canadiens de Montréal 4th  
A3  Canadiens de Montréal 2
  M2  New York Rangers 4th  
M1  Pittsburgh Penguins 4th    
EWC1  Columbus Blue Jackets 2  
M1  Pittsburgh Penguins 3
  M2  New York Rangers 4th  
M2  New York Rangers 4th
M3  Philadelphia Flyers 3  
M2  New York Rangers 1
  P3  Los Angeles Kings 4th
C1  Colorado Avalanche 3      
WWC1  Minnesota Wild 4th  
WWC1  Minnesota Wild 2
  C3  Chicago Blackhawks 4th  
C2  St. Louis Blues 2
C3  Chicago Blackhawks 4th  
C3  Chicago Blackhawks 3
  P3  Los Angeles Kings 4th  
P1  Anaheim Ducks 4th    
WWC2  Dallas Stars 2  
P1  Anaheim Ducks 3
NHL Western Conference.svg Western Conference
  P3  Los Angeles Kings 4th  
P2  San Jose Sharks 3
P3  Los Angeles Kings 4th  

NHL Awards and trophies awarded

Award team
Stanley Cup Los Angeles Kings
Clarence S. Campbell Bowl Los Angeles Kings
Prince of Wales Trophy New York Rangers
Presidents' Trophy Boston Bruins
Award player team
Art Ross Trophy Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy Dominic Moore New York Rangers
Calder Memorial Trophy Nathan MacKinnon Colorado Avalanche
Conn Smythe Trophy Justin Williams Los Angeles Kings
Frank J. Selke Trophy Patrice Bergeron Boston Bruins
Hart Memorial Trophy Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
Jack Adams Award Patrick Roy Colorado Avalanche
James Norris Memorial Trophy Duncan Keith Chicago Blackhawks
King Clancy Memorial Trophy Andrew Ference Edmonton Oilers
Lady Byng Memorial Trophy Ryan O'Reilly Colorado Avalanche
Lester Patrick Trophy Bill Daly
Paul Holmgren
Mark Messier Leadership Award Dustin Brown Los Angeles Kings
Maurice 'Rocket' Richard Trophy Alexander Ovechkin Washington Capitals
NHL Foundation Player Award Patrice Bergeron Boston Bruins
NHL General Manager of the Year Award Bob Murray Anaheim Ducks
NHL Plus / Minus Award  (unofficial) David Krejčí Boston Bruins
Ted Lindsay Award Sidney Crosby Pittsburgh Penguins
Vezina Trophy Tuukka Rask Boston Bruins
William M. Jennings Trophy Jonathan Quick Los Angeles Kings

All-star teams

First all-star team
Attack: Jamie Benn - Sidney Crosby - Corey Perry
Defense: Duncan Keith - Zdeno Chára
Goal: Tuukka Rask
Second all-star team
Attack: Joe Pavelski - Ryan Getzlaf - Alexander Owetschkin
Defense: Shea Weber - Alex Pietrangelo
Goal: Semyon Varlamov

All rookie team

All rookie team
Attack: Tyler Johnson - Nathan MacKinnon - Ondřej Palát
Defense: Torey pitcher - Hampus Lindholm
Goal: Frederik Andersen

Web links

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