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The 1918-19 NHL season was the second season of the National Hockey League . The season was played in a preliminary round with ten games and a second half with eight games. In the preliminary round, each team played 20 games. The season was originally planned in two halves with ten games each. However, due to the Toronto Arenas' withdrawal due to financial problems, only eight games were played in the second half. Montreal's preseason top scorer Joe Malone only played ten games this season. He had started a job in Quebec. Since only two teams remained in the league, a best-of-seven series was held for the first time, the winner of which met the champions of the Pacific Coast Hockey Association to determine the Stanley Cup winner. There the Montréal Canadiens met the Seattle Metropolitans. After both teams won twice and a game ended in a draw, five players and the Canadiens manager fell ill with Spanish flu , an epidemic that spread around the world. On April 1, the season was canceled, five days later Montreal defense attorney "Bad" Joe Hall died in the Seattle Columbus Sanatorium.

Regular season

Closing table

Abbreviations: GP = games, W = wins, L = defeats, T = draws, GF = goals scored, GA = goals conceded, Pts = points

GP W. L. T GF GA Pts
Canadiens de Montréal 10 7th 3 0 57 50 14th
Ottawa Senators 10 5 5 0 39 39 10
Toronto Arenas 10 3 7th 0 42 49 6th
GP W. L. T GF GA Pts
Ottawa Senators 8th 7th 1 0 32 14th 14th
Canadiens de Montréal 8th 3 5 0 31 28 6th
Toronto Arenas 8th 2 6th 0 22nd 43 4th

Best scorer

Abbreviations: GP = games, G = goals, A = assists , Pts = points

player team GP G A. Pts
Newsy Lalonde Montréal 17th 22nd 10 32
Odie Cleghorn Montréal 17th 22nd 6th 28
Frank Nighbor Ottawa 18th 19th 9 28
Cy Denneny Ottawa 18th 18th 4th 22nd
Didier Pitre Montréal 17th 14th 5 19th
Alf Skinner Toronto 17th 12 4th 16
Harry Cameron Toronto 14th 11 3 14th
Jack Darragh Ottawa 14th 11 3 14th
Ken Randall Toronto 15th 8th 6th 14th
Sprague Cleghorn Montréal 18th 7th 6th 13

Stanley Cup playoffs

All games took place in 1919

NHL finals

Montréal Canadiens vs. Ottawa Senators
date Away team Home team
February 22 Ottawa 4th 8th Montréal
27th of February Ottawa 3 5 Montréal
1st March Ottawa 3 5 Montréal
3 March Montréal 3 6th Ottawa
6th March Ottawa 2 4th Montréal
Montréal wins the series 4-1
and moves into the Stanley Cup final.

Stanley Cup Final

Montréal Canadiens vs. Seattle Metropolitans
date Away team Home team
19th March Montréal 0 7th Seattle
March 22 Montréal 4th 2 Seattle
March 24th Montréal 2 7th Seattle
26th of March Montréal 0 0 Seattle
March 29 Montréal 4th 3 Seattle
After six Canadiens fall ill,
the finals are canceled.
The Stanley Cup is not awarded.

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