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Master: no game operation due to the lockout
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The 2004/05 NHL season would have been the 88th season of the National Hockey League. However, after a strike ( lockout ) of several months on February 16, 2005, Commissioner Gary Bettman canceled the entire season. This was the first cancellation of a full season in a professional league in the history of US sport. The Stanley Cup was not played for the first time since the 1918/19 season when the final series had to be canceled due to the Spanish flu .

The stumbling block was the expiry of the “Collective Bargaining Agreement”, which was renewed at the last lockout in the 1994/95 season and which expired on September 15, 2004. The most important demand on the part of the club owners in the renewal of the agreement was the introduction of a "salary cap", which the players' union NHLPA excluded as vehemently as the owners insisted on its introduction. According to the club owners, the players' salaries should have totaled a maximum of 40 million dollars.

Many of the NHL players played for underclass teams during the strike, e.g. B. in the American Hockey League - when the total loss of the season was looming, about 400 players moved to Europe for good pay and with a release clause in the event of the start of the game. Especially clubs from Sweden (78 players), Russia (77), Czech Republic (51) and Finland (35) strengthened themselves with the free stars, but also clubs from Germany (26), Austria (10) and Switzerland (21) and Slovakia (13) made many commitments.

"Season not played" is written on the Stanley Cup





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