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HC Lugano
HC Lugano
Greatest successes
Club information
history Hockey Club Lugano (since 1941)
Nickname Bianconeri
Club colors black-and-white
league National League
Venue Cornèr Arena
capacity 7,200 seats (including 5,000 seats)
executive Director Marco Werder
Head coach Serge Pelletier
captain vacant
Season 2018/19 7th place, playoff quarter-finals

The HC Lugano (Lugano Hockey Club) is one of the most important and most successful clubs of Swiss ice hockey. Since the introduction of the playoffs (1985/86 season) he has won seven Swiss championship titles. In addition, the Bianconeri have made it to the playoff finals five times and have also achieved various international successes.


The Hockey Club Lugano was founded on February 11, 1941, when the first games against Ambrì , Muzzano, Massagno and Paradiso were played on Lake Muzzano . On December 1, 1957, the first artificial ice rink was opened, which bears the name Resega. Among those present on that day was the man who 30 years later was to bring HC Lugano to the top of Swiss and international hockey: Geo Mantegazza, an engineer by profession, who had made the structural calculations for the Resega and thus made the first contacts with the family of the "Bianconeri".

1963/64 the team rose to the National League B ; The obligations of defender Elwyn Friedrich and the wing Roland Bernasconi , both national players and Swiss champions with Villars, played a major role in this . In the 1970/71 season, the "Bianconeri" succeeded in promotion to the National League A , which they had to leave again in 1972/73.

In the 1981/82 season Lugano returned to the NLA, together with Ambrì. In the 1982/83 season Mantegazza signed the Swedish coach John Slettvoll , who subsequently won numerous championships.

Swiss master

After signing numerous top performers, HC Lugano won its first Swiss ice hockey championship on March 1, 1986 . After successfully defending its title a year later, the HCL upgraded its squad for the new season after some top performers had left the club at the end of the season. At the end of the 1986/87 season, Alfio Molina ended his career, which had helped shape the rise to the NLA. The following stars appeared in the Bianconeri's dress: Kari Pekka Eloranta , Peter Jaks , Thomas Vrabec , Didier Massy and Raymond Walder . So it was possible to win the third title in a row despite the rebuilding of the team. The club's president (and one of the donors) was the entrepreneur Geo Mantegazza at this time .

In the 1988/89 season, the HCL lost to SC Bern in the fifth and last final game in the local Resega , which meant HC Lugano's first defeat in the final. In the 1989/90 season, HC Lugano won the title back in the Sottoceneri in the fourth final game in the Bernese Allmend . The Bianconeri thus won their fourth Swiss championship title. In 1991 they reached the final of the Spengler Cup for the first time , but lost to CSKA Moscow . The 1991/92 season was the end of a great era: Lugano parted ways with his coach John Slettvoll after nine years. Despite numerous new purchases, HC Lugano failed for the first time since the introduction of the playoffs in the quarter-finals.

The next championship title was won in the 1998/99 season under coach Jim Koleff ; the Bianconeri defeated their canton rivals HC Ambrì-Piotta in the final .

The 2000s

In the 2001/02 season, the Hockey Club Lugano AG was founded, which from then on took over the business of the first team and the elite juniors. The Finnish attacking defender Petteri Nummelin also joined HC Lugano this season .

Game of HC Lugano (white) against OSC Berlin (red) in the EWCC preliminary round 2006

The final pairing of the 2002/03 season was played by HC Davos and Lugano. The team from Davos won the first two games, while the Bianconeri won the following four games and thus won the sixth title in the club's history. In the following year (defeat in the final against Bern) the club was runner-up.

In the 2004/05 lockout season, the stars Alex Tanguay , Jason Blake and Martin Gélinas played for the Ticino. With Glen Metropolit , Jason York and Ville Peltonen , the personnel requirements were created to win the seventh title on April 13, 2006 in the local Resega.

The 2005/06 season was crowned with the seventh title: A 4-1 win in the final series against Davos won the championship. Curious about it: After two games in the quarter-finals against Ambrì, Lugano was without a win and then dismissed head coach Larry Huras . This was replaced by the German-Canadian Harold Kreis , who led the HC to the championship title. This twist was later dubbed the “most amazing comeback in Swiss playoff history”. In the years to come, it did not go beyond the quarter-finals.

In September 2006, club president Fabio Gaggini and Beat Kaufmann, chairman of the board of directors of HC Lugano SA, were charged with suspected tax evasion and embezzlement of social security contributions. In October 2008, Gaggini and Kaufmann had to answer in court. Among other things, they declared that they had "shadow accounting". The Tages-Anzeiger wrote on October 8, 2008 on this subject: "Without this approach, the HCL would not have been able to stand up to the clubs from German-speaking Switzerland," said former managing director Beat Kaufmann in court. " The court considered it proven that in the period from 1996 to 2005 taxes in the amount of 3.5 million francs had not been properly paid and that the old-age and survivors' insurance had been withheld payments of 1.5 million francs. Gaggini and Kaufmann were sentenced to conditional imprisonment. A former board member was fined by the court.

In November 2009 Roland Habisreutinger became the new head of sports and replaced Jörg Eberle  , who had held the post from 2003.

The 2010s

2010 agreed the club partnered with the GDT Bellinzona , which also led by the HC Lugano first team of HC Ceresio included and the rise of a Ticino team in the National League B took aim. GDT Bellinzona in the 2nd division and HC Ceresio in the 2nd division should serve to better train the young players of the three clubs. In the summer of 2012, HC Ceresio was then completely absorbed by GDT Bellinzona and the latter took over the right to start HC Ceresio in the 1st division.

Logo in the 2010s

In June 2011, Vicky Mantegazza succeeded Silvio Laurenti as President. Laurenti had been in office since 2009. In the 1980s, Mantegazza's father Geo had already been president of the HCL.

Between 2009 and 2014, the season ended in the quarter-finals five times, and the championship round was even missed in the 2010/11 season. In the 2015/16 season, Lugano reached the final of the Swiss championship and had to admit defeat to SC Bern with 1: 4 wins.

In 2015 and 2016 Lugano reached the final of the Spengler Cup under the direction of Doug Shedden , but lost each time against the Canadian team. On January 16, 2017, they separated from Shedden, at that time the team was eighth in the NLA. Greg Ireland was hired as Shedden's successor. Under Ireland's leadership, the Bianconeri qualified seventh in the qualification for the finals and were eliminated in the semi-finals (1: 4 wins) against SC Bern.

In the following season Lugano played a strong qualification under Greg Ireland and finished them in 4th place. After Lugano knocked out Friborg-Gotteron in the quarter-finals (4: 1) and in the semifinals EHC Biel (4: 2), they played against in the final the ZSC Lions for winning the championship. In a long and dramatic series, the final was not decided until the 7th game, which Zurich finally won 2-0 in Lugano, making Lugano vice-Swiss champions.

In the 2018/19 season, Lugano was unable to continue its strong performance. After a thorough qualification, where she placed 7th late, Lugano was eliminated in the play-off quarter-final against Zug (0: 4) and then parted ways with coach Greg Ireland and after 9 years from sports director Habisreutinger. The Finn Sami Kapanen was signed as the new coach at the beginning of April 2019  . Also in April was the announcement of Marco Werder's commitment as managing director. Hnat Domenichelli took over as manager for the 2017/19 season. In mid-December 2019, the Finn was dismissed following a 7-2 loss to Ambri-Piotta. The team was second to last in the table. Serge Pelletier , who had already been youth and assistant coach in Lugano in the past, should now fix it by the end of the 2019/20 season.


Squad for the 2019/20 season

As of October 8, 2019

No. Nat. player Item Date of birth in the team since place of birth
31 AustriaAustria Stefan Müller G 0May 2, 1996 2018 Feldkirch , Austria
34 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Niklas Schlegel G 0August 3, 1994 2019 Zurich , Switzerland
39 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sandro Zurkirchen G February 25, 1990 2019 Schwyz , Switzerland
27 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Alessandro ChiesaC. D. 0February 1, 1987 2014 Zurich , Switzerland
7th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Benoît Jecker D. June 12, 1994 2018 Freiburg im Üechtland , Switzerland
58 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Romain Loeffel D. March 10, 1991 2018 Colombier NE , Switzerland
CanadaCanada Paul Postma D. February 22, 1989 2019 Red Deer , Alberta , Canada
37 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Elia Riva D. 0January 3, 1998 2017 Claro TI , Switzerland
6th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Massimo Ronchetti D. January 20, 1992 2016 Lugano , Switzerland
95 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Thomas Wellinger D. March 10, 1988 2017 Davos , Switzerland
AustriaAustria Bernd Wolf D. February 23, 1997 2020 Vienna , Austria
13 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Alessio Bertaggia LW July 30, 1993 2014 Lugano , Switzerland
87 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Dario Bürgler RW 18th December 1987 2016 Schwyz , Switzerland
17th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Luca Fazzini W. March 17, 1995 2012 Lugano , Switzerland
14th SwitzerlandSwitzerland Timo Haussener C. 0April 9, 1997 2019 Männedorf , Switzerland
AustriaAustria Raphael Herburger C. 0January 2, 1989 2020 Dornbirn , Austria
21st SwitzerlandSwitzerland Mauro Jörg LW April 29, 1990 2018 Domat / Ems , Switzerland
86 Flag of Sweden.svg Linus Klasen W. February 19, 1986 2014 Stockholm , Sweden
24 FinlandFinland Jani Lajunen C. June 16, 1990 2017 Espoo , Finland
12 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Dominic Lammer RW 03rd October 1992 2019 Chur , Switzerland
23 Flag of Italy.svg Giovanni Morini C. 0February 2, 1995 2015 Como , Italy
70 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Matteo Romanenghi C. 0April 9, 1995 2013 Morbio Inferiore , Switzerland
38 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Raffaele SannitzA. C. May 18, 1983 2005 Lugano , Switzerland
9 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Reto Suri RW March 25, 1989 2019 Zurich , Switzerland
52 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Loic Vedova RW July 17, 1997 2018 Switzerland
91 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Julian Walker C. September 10, 1986 2013 Bern , Switzerland
94 SwitzerlandSwitzerland Sandro Zangger LW August 27, 1994 2019 Jona SG , Switzerland

Coaching staff

Surname nationality birthday
Serge Pelletier CanadaCanada Canada
Rob Cookson CanadaCanada Canada
Paul DiPietro CanadaCanada Canada

Blocked jersey numbers



The fans of HC Lugano have been friends with the fans of the Kölner Haie for years . In both cities there are fan clubs for the other team. Mutual visits to home games also take place on a regular basis.


Goalkeeper Jessica Müller, at the preliminary round of the IIHF European Women Champions Cup 2006 in Berlin

The women of HC Lugano (“Ladies Team”) take part in the Swiss Women's Hockey League A , the highest Swiss women's division. In 2006 the "Ladies" became Swiss champions for the first time and thus qualified for the preliminary round of the IIHF European Women Champions Cup 2006 , in which they qualified for the EWCC finals after victories over the OSC Berlin , the Herlev Hornets and the Ferencváros Stars Budapest , in which they finished last without their own points. In the following year, they were again placed as Swiss champions for the intermediate round of the IIHF European Women Champions Cup 2007/08 and moved into the final round as group winners.

In 2009 the Ladies Team Lugano became Swiss champions again after they had prevailed in the third and decisive playoff final against the defending champion DHC Langenthal. Well-known players who also play for the Swiss national women's team are Sophie Anthamatten , Sarah Forster , Nicole Bullo , Romy Eggimann , Evelina Raselli and Anja Stiefel . In August 2018, the women's team became financially, legally and organizationally independent of the parent club through the establishment of the Hockey Club Ladies Lugano . In March 2019 , the ladies won the seventh championship title in the club's history.

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