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Logo of the OSC Berlin
Reception of the 2006 German women's ice hockey champions, the OSC Berlin, in the Rotes Rathaus

The Olympic Sports Club Berlin e. V. is a Berlin sports club that has existed in this form since 1949. The club symbol is the deer , which also adorns the coat of arms of the city of origin Schöneberg .


Schöneberg men's gymnastics club / Schöneberger gymnastics and sports club

The initiator of the foundation was the teacher Max Nitsche , who, together with the 25 other founding members, gave the club the name Schöneberg Men's Gymnastics Club on January 6, 1890 . In 1904, 15 members split off into the Schöneberg gymnastics club , from which strong junior teams emerged, later also in athletics and ball games . In 1919, the club name of the 1,600-member Schöneberger MTV in Turn- und Sportverein Schöneberg e. V. changed. The red deer as a club symbol also dates from this time. Another group isolated themselves in 1927 in the Schöneberg gymnastics and sports club . After the re-admission of sports clubs in 1947, these three clubs merged again to form the Schöneberg gymnastics and sports club .

German Sports Club / Olympic Sports Club

The German Sport Club was founded in Berlin in 1922. An independent German Women's Sports Club followed in 1926 , which was renamed the German Olympic Sports Club five years after it was founded in 1931 . These two clubs merged in 1943. The newly formed club was named Olympic Sports Club when it was approved in 1947 .

Olympic Sports Club Berlin-Schöneberg / OSC Berlin

In 1949 the chairmen of the two clubs decided to merge. This step was taken on October 15, 1949. The complete new name was Olympischer Sport-Club Berlin-Schöneberg, Verein für Turnen, Sport und Spiel von 1890 e. V. On April 15, 1985 the name was again changed to Olympischer Sport-Club Berlin e. V., Association for gymnastics, sports and games from 1890 in Berlin-Schöneberg changed.


ice Hockey

OSC Berlin
OSC Berlin
Greatest successes


Club information
history OSC Berlin (since 1947)
OSC Eisladies (1988–2017)
Nickname The deer, only the women: ice cream ladies
Club colors wine red, white, black, steel gray
league Bundesliga (women, until 2017)
Landesliga Berlin (men)
Venue Wellblechpalast (women, until 2017)
Eisstadion Neukölln (men)

The woman Hockey -Mannschaft the club currently playing in the first Bundesliga / DFEL and won in 1991 , 2006 , 2007 , 2009 and 2010 , the German Cup and 2008 , 2009 , 2011 and 2014 the women DEB Cup . In the first single-track women's Bundesliga 2006/07 , the OSC was able to defend its title without losing points and in the 2008/2009 season was the first team in German women's ice hockey to secure the double of the German championship and the DEB cup . The "OSC Eisladies" won the DEB Cup 2014 with the youngest team of all time. The average age in the semifinals and finals was only 20.1 years; 13 of the 18 players used were 19 or younger.

Cheers after the decisive penalty for the European Cup final round entry in 2008
The OSC Eisladies on the balcony of the Red City Hall with Klaus Wowereit

In the 2008/09 season, the OSC also took part in the international Elite Women's Hockey League in addition to the Bundesliga .

As German champions, the women were qualified for the IIHF European Women Champions Cup in 2006/07 and 2007/08 and were given the right by the IIHF to host a preliminary group in 2006 and an intermediate group in 2007/08 . In 2008, he qualified as second in the intermediate round for the final round of the five best European teams in women's ice hockey. The ice cream ladies reached the final round in 2009/10 as well and came third in the final tournament, which was held for the first time in Berlin.

In June 2017, the entire women's ice hockey team at the OSC switched to the Eisbären Juniors Berlin .

The men's team Hirsche plays in the Landesliga Berlin. The men's home stadium is the Neukölln ice rink in Berlin-Neukölln .

Placements of the women's team

season league Preliminary round / intermediate round Final tournament
1988/89 Bundesliga North 5th place not qualified
1989/90 Bundesliga North 3rd place 3rd place
1990/91 Bundesliga North 3rd place German champions
1991/92 Bundesliga North 4th Place 5th place
1992/93 Bundesliga North 5th place not qualified
1993/94 Bundesliga North 4th Place 5th place
1994/95 Bundesliga North 5th place not qualified
1995/96 Bundesliga North 6th place not qualified
1996/97 Bundesliga North 4th Place 7th place
1997/98 Bundesliga North 2nd place / 4th space 4th Place
1998/99 Bundesliga North 3rd place / 4th space 4th Place
1999/00 Bundesliga North 3rd place / 6. space not qualified
2000/01 Bundesliga North 3rd place / 5. space not qualified
2001/02 Bundesliga North 3rd place / 3rd place space 3rd place
2002/03 Bundesliga North 1st place / 2. space Runner-up
2003/04 Bundesliga North 2nd place / 3rd place space Runner-up
2004/05 Bundesliga North 1st place / 2. space 3rd place
2005/06 Bundesliga North 1st place / 2. space German champions
2006/07 Bundesliga 1st place ( German champion )
2007/08 Bundesliga 2nd place
2008/09 Bundesliga 1st place ( German champion )
2009/10 Bundesliga 1st place ( German champion )
2010/11 Bundesliga 2nd place
2011/12 Bundesliga 4th Place
EWHL Super Cup 5th place
2012/13 Bundesliga 3rd place
2013/14 Bundesliga 2nd place
2014/15 Bundesliga 4th Place
2015/16 Bundesliga 4th Place

Significant past teams

German champion 2006
position Surname
Goal: Franziska Hampel , Kirsten Schönwetter , Stephanie Wartosch-Kürten
Defense: Yvonne Fleck , Susann Gaebel , Jennifer Gärtner , Miriam Kresse , Jennifer Schöne , Sophie Schulze
Storm: Jenny Friede , Kathrin Fring , Gioia Fritz , Susann Götz , Claudia Grundmann , Anja Herzog , Nikola Holmes , Nina Kamenik , Judith Müller , Sabrina Rörig-Naesiger , Anja Scheytt , Susanne Schulz , Carolin Szyska , Madeleine Tetzner
Trainer: Michaela Hildebrandt
German champion 2007
position Surname
Goal: Franziska Hampel , Kirsten Schönwetter
Defense: Yvonne Fleck , Susann Gaebel , Jennifer Gärtner , Miriam Kresse , Sophie Schulze , Sandra Kott , Grit Sentek
Storm: Jenny Friede , Kathrin Fring , Susann Götz , Claudia Grundmann , Nikola Holmes , Nina Kamenik , Judith Levi-Müller , Sabrina Rörig-Naesiger , Anja Scheytt , Carolin Szyska , Sophie Prüßing , Lisa Hüfner , Stephanie Wartosch-Kürten
Trainer: René Bielke
German champion / cup winner 2009
position Surname
Goal: Kirsten Schönwetter , Julia Graunke , Radka Lhotska , Ivonne Schröder
Defense: Sarah Weyand , Stephanie Frühwirt , Kathrin Fring , Sophie Schulze , Haleigh Callison , Stephanie Frühwirt , Ivonne Fleck , Miriam Kresse , Grit Sentek , Ulrike Lehmann , Carolin Szyska
Storm: Anja Scheytt , Jasmin Schebitz , Sandra Kott , Nina Kamenik , Franziska Busch , Susann Götz , Jennifer Gärtner , Jenny Friede , Saskia Franke , Claudia Grundmann , Sophie Prüßing
Trainer: René Bielke
German champion 2010
position Surname
Goal: Dörthe Kerkau , Radka Lhotska , Kirsten Schönwetter , Ivonne Schröder
Defense: Sarah Weyand , Martina Johansson , Stephanie Frühwirt , Gioia Fritz , Kathrin Fring , Grit Sentek , Ulrike Lehmann , Dana Reimann , Muriel Scheuerlein , Ivonne Fleck , Sophie Schulze
Storm: Anja Scheytt , Nina Kamenik , Lisa Hüffner , Susann Götz , Jenny Friede , Franziska Busch , Laura Kluge , Vanessa Gasde , Saskia Franke , Anne Bartsch , Jennifer Gärtner , Jasmin Schebitz , Lisa Hüffner , Martina Veličková , Miriam Kresse , Sandra Kott
Trainer: René Bielke


The fencing department holds its competitions in the OSC fencing center in Schöneberg. It is a double gym with 1250 m².

"Fit for leisure"

“Fit for Leisure” is a program of the OSC together with the Landessportbund Berlin , which offers various sports courses for all age groups.


The first men's team of the OSC became Berlin champions in 1963 and German runner-up in the final round in Stuttgart. In the final, the team lost 3:10 to THW Kiel . The women's team won the Berlin championship in 1962, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1970 and 1972 in the hall and in 1969 on the small field and thus qualified for the final round of the German championship. The greatest success is the runner-up title in 1966, when the team lost 8-2 to Bayer Leverkusen in Essen . The OSC Berlin is the only club whose men's and women's teams have reached the championship finals.

The HSG OSC-Friedenau syndicate has existed since 1998. It is made up of players from the handball departments of the OSC Berlin and the Friedenauer TSC. It was founded in order to bring together the existing capacities of sports halls, trainers and talents and to use them better. The first women's team plays in the 2010/2011 season in the newly created Ostsee-Spree-Oberliga .

For organizational reasons, the men and youth division, consisting of the clubs mentioned and HC Schöneberg 77, has to start under the name SG OSC-Schöneberg-Friedenau (SG OSF for short). The male A-youth plays in the top division of the regional league. The first men's team played for one year in the league in the 2008/09 season.

In 2010, 33 teams took part in the match, 4 women's teams, 6 for men, 13 for male youth and 10 for female youth. In almost all game classes, the syndicate is represented in the upper performance range of the handball association Berlin, an expression of the intensive and successful work over the years.


In the course of the more than 100-year history of the club, the athletics department of the OSC has won four medals at the Summer Olympics . The club's athletes are regularly successful participants in Berlin championships. There have also been many medals for the OSC athletes at national and national events. The OSC belonged to the organizing community of ISTAF Berlin , where Rudi Thiel was the sports director for 32 years. Successful athletes included u. a. Sergej Bubka , Nicole Herschmann , Arnd Krüger , Harald Mellerowicz , Renate Meyer , Günter Mielke , Jutta Neumann , Axel Noack , Ralf Reichenbach , Matthias Schlicht , Ingo Sensburg , Jutta Stöck , Hannelore Trabert , Carlo Thränhardt , Kathrin Weßel .

Dance sport

The sports offer of the Tanzsportclub Blau-Silber in the Olympic Sports Club Berlin ranges from hobby and popular sports groups to tournament dance groups in standard and Latin for all age groups. The club rooms are located in the Friedenau town hall in the Schlesiensaal and the adjoining rooms. There are further training opportunities in the state performance center in Berlin and in the school auditorium on Belziger Straße.

Table tennis

Founded in 1949. Training location: Kolonnenstr. Robert Blum School. Were founding members


  • 1st chairman: Walter Segieth
  • 2nd chairman: Heinz Hoffenreich
  • Sports manager: Heinz Militz
  • Lady manager: Marga Bauer

32 members: 6 women, 13 men, 3 girls, 10 boys

On February 3, 1949, the table tennis sports group Schöneberg-Süd joined the then Schöneberg TSV as a table tennis department.

In 2012 the department had 120 members, including 7 women, 54 men, 6 girls and 53 boys.

Training locations:

  • 1947: Kolonnenstr. Robert Blum School
  • October 1, 1949: Training begins at the Helmholtz School (Rubenstrasse).
  • May 1, 1951: Relocation to Prinzregentenstrasse.
  • September 1, 1951: Master School for Graphics on Grazer Platz (4 tables).
  • June 1, 1952: Tempelhofer Weg
  • Since May 1, 1963: Münchener Strasse, Löcknitz elementary school.

The table tennis department of the Olympic Sports Club Berlin trains with 5 men's teams and a youth department in the Löcknitz elementary school in 10779 Berlin, Berchtesgadener Str. 10 and with a leisure group at Vorarlberger Damm 33 12157 Berlin.

Other departments

Chairwoman (President from 1985) since 1949

  • The presidents of the club after World War II (presidents from 1985):
  • 1949–1952 Willi Kielmann
  • 1953–1962 Werner Jacobi
  • 1963–1974 Karl Freiberg
  • 1975–1979 Walter Koenecke
  • 1980–1983 Ulrich Vetter
  • 1984–1999 Horst Wildgrube
  • 1999–2000 Siegfried Wothe
  • 2000–2013 Jürgen Fiedler
  • 2013–2015 Uwe Risse
  • Since April 28, 2015 Jana Hänsel

Individual evidence

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