ERC Ingolstadt

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ERC Ingolstadt
Greatest successes

German Champion 2014
German Cup Winner 2005
German Second League Champion 2001
Champion 2nd League South 1996
Champion Oberliga South 1987
German Regional League Champion 1979

Club information
history ERC Ingolstadt (since 1964)
Location Ingolstadt
Nickname The panthers, Schanzer
Parent club ERC Ingolstadt "Panther" e. V.
Club colors Blue - white
league German ice hockey league
Venue Saturn Arena
capacity 4,816 seats
executive Director Claus Groebner
Head coach Doug Shedden
captain Dustin Friesen
Season 2019/20 7th place (main round)

The ERC Ingolstadt (Ice Sports and Roller Skate Club) is a German ice hockey club from Ingolstadt in Upper Bavaria that has been playing in the German Ice Hockey League since 2002 . The professional team was spun off into a limited liability company after the rise of the parent club, which was founded in 1964 and is now responsible for the amateur, women's and junior division.

The club's greatest success so far, whose teams have played their home games in the Saturn Arena since 2003 , was winning the German ice hockey championship in 2014. In addition, the Ingolstadt-based team won the German ice hockey cup in 2005 .

The club colors of the ERC Ingolstadt are blue and white.

Just like the residents of his hometown, the ERC Ingolstadt and its fans are also called "Schanzer".


The foundation and the march through

After ERC Ingolstadt was founded in 1964, ten years later the club began playing in the Landesliga Nord in the artificial ice stadium, where they won the championship in 1976 and 1977. From then on there was a march through the Bayernliga (championship, 3rd place) and the Regionalliga Süd (championship and German regional league champions 1979) in the Oberliga Süd. After five years, the Ingolstadt team reached the promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga for the first time . In 1987 they won the championship in the Oberliga Süd.

The withdrawal

In 1989 they withdrew to the Landesliga Nord for financial reasons, but in 1990 they made it to the Bayernliga and in 1991 to the Regionalliga Süd. Under Ignaz Berndaner , who has been coach in Ingolstadt since 1994, the club made it to the 2nd South League in 1995, and in 1996 they were promoted to the 1st South League as champions.

Season dates 1976 to 1996
season league class group space PO PD Finals
1995/96 2nd league III south master 1st League Vice champion
1994/95 2nd league III south 10th place X 2nd place
1993/94 Regional league IV south 4th Place X 5. Group A 
1992/93 Regional league IV south 6th place OIL 6. Group A
1991/92 Regional league IV south 9th place X 1. Group A
1990/91 Bayern League V Size 2 Runner-up X 3rd place
1989/90 National league VI North 2nd place BLL 4th place
1988/89 Oberliga III south 8th place 2nd BL Withdrawal
1987/88 Oberliga III south 7th place 2nd BL 6. Group B
1986/87 Oberliga III south master 2nd BL 7. Group B
1985/86 Oberliga III south 2nd place 2nd BL 4. Group A
1984/85 Oberliga III south 7th place 2nd BL 7. Group A
1983/84 Oberliga III south 9th place -
1982/83 Oberliga III south 7th place -
1981/82 Oberliga III south 12th place -
1980/81 Oberliga III south 12th place -
1979/80 Oberliga III south 7th place -
1978/79 Regional league IV south master RL Master
1977/78 Bayern League V 3rd place X Direct
1976/77 National league VI North master X 1. Group 1
1975/76 National league VI North master X 4th Place
Source:, source:, ascent / descent ↑ ↓

Hacker Pschorr League

With the promotion in Regensburg at the end of the 1995/96 season, the ERCI rose to what was then the second highest division in German ice hockey. The opponents in this league were traditional clubs such as EC Bad Tölz, SC Riessersee or ES Weißwasser. In this derby league, which is dominated by Bavarian clubs, the team under coach Ignaz Berndaner reached third place in the table in the second season, entitling them to promotion to the newly created Bundesliga (2nd Bundesliga).

The 2nd Bundesliga

Ingolstadt was involved in the re-establishment of the 2nd Bundesliga in 1998, with Gerd Wittmann as the new coach, who was replaced by Peter Obresa during the season . In 1999 Jim Boni was hired as a trainer; he coached the team until 2003. In 2000, the club made the runner-up in the 2nd Bundesliga (behind Düsseldorf ). The second division championship in 2001 after winning the finals against EC Bad Tölz brought Ingolstadt to the IIHF Continental Cup in the 2001/02 season , so that on November 25, 2001 Ingolstadt was in the semi-finals of the tournament.

In the 2001/02 season Ingolstadt again managed the runner-up in the 2nd Bundesliga behind REV Bremerhaven , with champions T-shirts being sold in Ingolstadt before the lost final . After the REV flirted with a license application for the DEL, the application was not submitted by the deadline, sometimes for financial reasons as well as the unsuitability of the current REV venue. As runner-up, Ingolstadt was also allowed to submit a license application according to the rules of the cooperation agreement between the DEB and the DEL . Based on this application, Ingolstadt was accepted by the DEL and the license was granted.

Since Ingolstädter GmbH, into which the professional team was spun off with the introduction of the ESBG, had the same nickname as the Augsburger Panther with the name ERC Ingolstadt Panther , the nickname in the DEL had to be dispensed with - but the name is still used by fans today .

Season dates 1996 to 2002
season league class group space PO PD Finals
2001/02 2nd Bundesliga II 1st place X Vice champion 
2000/01 2nd Bundesliga II 1st place X master
1999/00 2nd Bundesliga II 2nd place X Runner-up
1998/99 Bundesliga II 13th place X 1. Group A
1997/98 1st League II south 11th place Direct
1996/97 1st League II south X 2nd round

Ascent / descent ↑ ↓

Establishment in the DEL (2002-2007)

Since 2003 the venue of the ERC Ingolstadt, the Saturn Arena

In 2002, the team played their first game in the DEL with the Kölner Haien , to which several hundred fans traveled by special train. This game was lost with 1: 2. What followed was an average season with a change of coach. On January 3, 2003, the then coach Jim Boni announced his resignation and was replaced by Olle Öst . In the end, the ERC Ingolstadt came in twelfth.

Another important step in the history of ice hockey in Ingolstadt took place in September 2003 when the club moved to the new multifunctional arena. The team lost their first home game 3: 4 after a penalty shootout against the Kassel Huskies . All in all, the 2003/04 season should be more successful than the previous one. With a seventh place in the final bill, direct qualification for the play-offs was secured.

season league Preliminary round Points Play-offs
2002/03 DEL 12th place 65 no
2003/04 DEL 07th place 92 Semifinals
2004/05 DEL 05th place 91 Semifinals
2005/06 DEL 02nd place 98 Quarter finals
2006/07 DEL 04th Place 94 Quarter finals

There the team first met the Nürnberg Ice Tigers in the quarterfinals . After the first game of the series ended with a 2-1 defeat after a penalty shootout, the team lost the second game 2-5 from Ingolstadt's point of view. The team won the next four games and decided the series with 4-2 wins for themselves. In the semifinals, the team around top scorer Doug Ast went to the Berlin polar bears in the capital . Finally, the team lost the series with 3-0 wins and suffered some significant defeats, such as the 0-5 in the third game. Nevertheless, the club management was positive to speak of the season, as it has been the most successful sport in recent years and the average attendance of 4294 was more than satisfactory.

Marco Sturm played in Ingolstadt during the 2004/05 season

The 2004/05 season brought a touch of NHL glamor to German ice hockey arenas. In Ingolstadt, too, one or the other NHL professional was under contract due to the lockout in the best division in the world . Particularly worth mentioning is Marco Sturm , who at the end of the season was the second best scorer behind Jakub Ficenec with 45 points . Other stars from the North American elite league were z. For example, forwards Andy McDonald , Jamie Langenbrunner and defender Aaron Ward . The high expectations in the environment were not met, with the final fifth place after the main round, the team reached the quarter-finals of the play-offs . There the team met the Cologne team . The Ingolstadt team decided the series with 4: 3 wins. In the semifinals, the team met the Eisbären Berlin . As in the previous season, ERC Ingolstadt was defeated by eventual champions Berlin and lost the series with 1: 3 victories.

In the following season, the main round was made more successful than before. With a second place, Bayern reached the quarter-finals of the play-offs . The ERC won their first encounter in front of their own audience 3-2 against the Hannover Scorpions . The Scorpions prevailed in the Best of Seven series with 4-3 wins.

The 2006/07 season was marked by a scandalous game. On November 28, 2006, the biggest mass brawl in German ice hockey history took place in the Lanxess Arena . When the score was 3: 0 for the Kölner Haie, the guest keeper Jimmy Waite attacked the Cologne striker Aaron Gavey . What followed was a brawl, which in the end resulted in a total of 211 penalty minutes. Seven players had to leave the ice immediately. US referee Rick Looker was the referee of the evening . The players of both teams hit each other for minutes until the fuses of Cologne's Moritz Müller and Ingolstadt's Christoph Melischko also burned . Both players later had to be sewn on the ear and face. The game ended 10-0 for the Haie. At the end of the season, the ERC reached the play-offs again , but failed with 2: 4 wins against the Kölner Haien.

From midfield to championship (2007-2014)

A year later things weren't so good for ERC Ingolstadt. With the tenth place in the table after the main round, the team around national player Yannic Seidenberg qualified for the pre-play-offs. There they lost the series 1: 2 against the Hamburg Freezers .

In the 2008/09 season , ERC Ingolstadt took part in the Spengler Cup in Davos for the first time in its club's history , and finished last in the tournament with just one win against HC Davos . In the DEL they played an unsuccessful season, so that the ERCI missed the finals for the first time since 2003.

league Preliminary round Points Play-offs
2007/08 DEL 10th place 83 Pre-playoffs
2008/09 DEL 12th place 68 no
2009/10 DEL 07th place 89 Semifinals
2010/11 DEL 06th place 79 Quarter finals
2011/12 DEL 02nd place 93 Semifinals
2012/13 DEL 06th place 84 Quarter finals
2013/14 DEL 09th place 75 master

In 2009, Jim Boni was hired as the new sports director who rebuilt the team. In the 2009/10 season things went better for ERC Ingolstadt. After a 7th place in the main round, they defeated the Kölner Haie 2-1 in the pre-playoffs and thus moved into the quarter-finals against the Frankfurt Lions , who were defeated 3-1. In the semifinals they lost 3-0 to the later German champions Hannover Scorpions .

In the 2010/11 season, the ERC qualified sixth in the table for the first time in five years for the quarter-finals, but lost there against the eventual champions, the Eisbären Berlin , with 1: 3. The ERC finished the main round of the 2011/12 season in second place and defeated the Düsseldorfer EG 4-1 in the quarter-finals . The following semi-final against Adler Mannheim , however, went 3-1 to the Electoral Palatinate. In 2012/13 , the Ingolstadt-based company took part in the international competition of the European Trophy for the first time and took fourth place in the West Division, which consisted of eight teams, but missed the final round as a result. In the DEL the club reached the quarter-finals with 6th place without any detours, but failed with 2: 4 due to the Krefeld Penguins .

In 2013/14 the ERC Ingolstadt played in the European Trophy and finished sixth in the same group as in the previous year. In the DEL, however, the club initially failed to build on the good performance of previous years and only finished 9th after the main round, which is why they had to face the Eisbären Berlin in the pre-playoffs. They were defeated 2: 1, which resulted in the quarter-finals of the previous year's duel with the Krefeld Penguins . The second in the main round was defeated this time 4-1, so that after two years they were back in the semifinals. There, the Ingolstadt team met the winner of the regular season with the Hamburg Freezers , but the Hanseatic team were also eliminated 4: 2 - this resulted in the first-time finals in the club's history. Last year's runner-up waited in the final with the Kölner Haien , who were defeated 2-0 away in the all-important 7th game, so the series went 4: 3 to ERC Ingolstadt. As a result, the Panthers won the German ice hockey championship for the first time and celebrated the greatest success in the club's 50-year history.

From 2014: After the title, straight to the final again

Immediately before winning the title, Jim Boni was retired as a sports director. After winning the title, there was no agreement on a new contract between master coach Niklas Sundblad and the ERC. In 2014/15 Sundblad's successor Larry Huras led the team into the final series, which were lost 2: 4 to Mannheim. Huras left the ERC shortly afterwards. In the 2015/16 season Ingolstadt missed participation in the playoffs, in the qualification they failed due to Straubing.

In the 2016/17 season, the ERC lost in the final qualification against league newcomer Bremerhaven

season league Preliminary round Points Play-offs
2014/15 DEL 03rd place 94 Runner-up
2015/16 DEL 08th place 76 Pre-playoffs
2016/17 DEL 07th place 76 Pre-playoffs
2017/18 DEL 04th Place 79 Quarter finals
2018/19 DEL 05th place 86 Quarter finals
2019/20 DEL 07th place 81 -

with 0: 2 games. Shortly after the end of the season in March 2017, sports director Jiří Ehrenberger was dismissed, during whose tenure the 2014 championship title and the renewed entry into the final in 2015 had fallen. Ingolstadt also announced numerous departures and changes in the coaching staff. At the end of March 2017, the former Straubing trainer Larry Mitchell was appointed as the new sports director. In November 2017, the ERC fired the Swedish head coach Tommy Samuelsson , who had held the post since summer 2016. Samuelsson suffered seven defeats in a row. On December 22nd, 2017, the Canadian Doug Shedden took over the coaching position, during the transition phase sporting director Mitchell was in charge of the team. Shedden led the ERC into the playoffs, where they were eliminated in the quarter-finals against Mannheim with 1: 4 wins in spring 2018.


  • German champion 2014
  • German runner-up in 2015
  • German cup winner 2005
  • Promotion to the "DEL" in 2002
  • German second division champion 2001
  • German second division runner-up in 2000 , 2002
  • Promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga in 1998
  • Promotion to the 1st ice hockey league in 1996
  • South German Oberliga champion 1987
  • Vice champion Oberliga Süd 1985
  • Promotion to the league in 1979
  • Vice champion 2nd ice hockey league 1996
  • Champion 2nd ice hockey league south 1996
  • Promotion to the 2nd ice hockey league in 1994
  • German regional league champion 1979
  • Promotion to the Regionalliga 1978 , 1991
  • Vice-champion Bayernliga Group B 1991
  • Promotion to the Bayernliga in 1977, 1990
  • Champion Bavarian State League North 1976, 1977
  • "ERC-1b" Master BBzL-Nord 2004, 2009, 2013, 2017


season league Audience Ø
1996/97 1st League 2.002
1997/98 1st League 1,887
1998/99 BL 1,297
1999/00 2nd BL 2.007
2000/01 2nd BL 1,897
2001/02 2nd BL 1,669
2002/03 DEL 2,920
2003/04 DEL 4,009
season league Audience Ø
2004/05 DEL 4.234
2005/06 DEL 4.139
2006/07 DEL 4.119
2007/08 DEL 3,590
2008/09 DEL 3,346
2009/10 DEL 3,759
2010/11 DEL 3,780
2011/12 DEL 3,944
season league Audience Ø
2012/13 DEL 3,742
2013/14 DEL 3,844
2014/15 DEL 4,091
2015/16 DEL 4,065
2016/17 DEL 3,750
2017/18 DEL 3,787
2018/19 DEL 3,976
2019/20 DEL 4,039



Squad for the 2019/20 season

As of September 2, 2019

No. Nat. player Item Date of birth in the team since place of birth
51 GermanyGermany Timo Pielmeier G 0July 7, 1989 2013 Deggendorf , Germany
32 GermanyGermany Jochen Reimer G 0September 6, 1985 2017 Mindelheim , Germany
14th Flag of Canada and Germany.svg Dustin FriesenC. D. 0March 1, 1983 2014 Waldheim , Saskatchewan , Canada
7th Flag of Canada and Germany.svg Colton Jobke D. April 20, 1992 2018 Vancouver , British Columbia , Canada
10 FinlandFinland Ville Koistinen D. June 17, 1982 2018 Oulu , Finland
27 GermanyGermany Garret Pruden D. December 17, 1998 2019 Bad Nauheim , Germany
97 GermanyGermany Simon Schütz D. 0November 9, 1997 2016 Regensburg , Germany
37 GermanyGermany United StatesUnited States Sean Sullivan D. March 29, 1984 2017 Boston , Massachusetts , USA
5 GermanyGermany Fabio Wagner D. January 17, 1995 2014 Landshut , Germany
22nd CanadaCanada Matt Bailey C. 0April 5, 1991 2019 Oakbank , Manitoba , Canada
13 United StatesUnited States Mike Collins LW May 25, 1990 2017 Boston , Massachusetts , USA
9 United StatesUnited States Jerry D'Amigo RW 19th February 1991 2018 Binghamton , New York , USA
89 GermanyGermany Hans Detsch F. May 20, 1994 2019 Landsberg am Lech , Germany
61 GermanyGermany David Elsner RW March 22, 1992 2015 Landshut , Germany
81 CanadaCanada Kris Foucault LW December 12, 1990 2019 Calgary , Alberta , Canada
92 GermanyGermany Mirko Höfflin RW June 18, 1992 2019 Freiburg im Breisgau , Germany
53 CanadaCanada Brandon Mashinter LW 20th September 1988 2018 Bradford , Ontario , Canada
16 United StatesUnited States Brett Olson C. 19th February 1987 2017 Duluth , Minnesota , USA
40 Flag of Canada and Germany.svg In it Olver C. 0March 5th 1985 2017 Burnaby , British Columbia , Canada
21st United StatesUnited States Wayne Simpson RW November 19, 1989 2019 Fort Gordon , Georgia , USA
17th Flag of the Czech Republic and Germany.svg Petr Tatíček C. September 22, 1983 2014 Rakovník , Czechoslovakia
33 GermanyGermany Tim Wohlgemuth LW July 22, 1999 2018 Landsberg am Lech , Germany

Coaching staff

activity Surname Date of birth In the team since place of birth
Trainer CanadaCanada Doug Shedden April 29, 1961 2017 Wallaceburg , Ontario , Canada
Assistant coach GermanyGermany United StatesUnited States Tim Regan February 6, 1974 2018 Dorchester , Massachusetts , USA

Significant past teams

Second division champions 2001

position Surname
Goal: Mario Brunetta , Fabian Dahlem
Defense: Rod Aldoff , Petr Bares , Alexander Genze , Marco Heinrichs , Stefan Mayer , Jürgen Simon , Ladislav Strompf , Christian Völk
Storm: Agostino Casale , Glen Goodall , Samuel Groleau , Wolfgang Kummer , Alexander Leinsle , Michael Pohl , Rochus Schneider , Marco Thommes , Roland Timoschuk , Patrick Vozar , Markus Welz , Clayton Young , Sven Zywitza
Trainer: Jim bonuses

Cup winner 2005

position Surname
Goal: Dennis Hipke , Steffen Karg , Sebastian Vogl , Jochen Vollmer , Jimmy Waite
Defense: Chris Armstrong , Peter Baumgartner , Jakub Ficenec , Justin Harney , Daniel Hilpert , Christoph Melischko , Ken Sutton , Philip Von Stefenelli , Aaron Ward
Storm: Doug Ast , Brad Burym , Craig Ferguson , Glen Goodall , Mike Harder , Martin Jiranek , Jamie Langenbrunner , Cameron Mann , Andy McDonald , Nikolaus Mondt , Günter Oswald , Aleksander Polaczek , Markus Schröder , Marco Sturm
Trainer: Ron Kennedy

German champion 2014

Goalkeeper: Markus Janka , Timo Pielmeier
Defender: Tim Conboy , Derek Dinger , Jakub Ficenec , Tim Hambly , Patrick Köppchen , Michel Périard , Benedikt Schopper
Attacker: Björn Barta , Jean-François Boucher , Tyler Bouck , Greg Classen , Christoph Gawlik , Thomas Greilinger , Patrick Hager , Derek Hahn , Žiga Jeglič , John Laliberté , Alexander Oblinger , Eddy Rinke-Leitans , Jared Ross , Robert Sabolič , Travis Turnbull
Coaching staff: Niklas Sundblad , Petri Liimatainen , Jonas Forsberg


Blocked jersey numbers

So far, four panther jersey numbers have been blocked.

(Team membership and position in brackets)

The longtime captain of the ERC, Glenn Goodall, wore the shirt number 96.
With the jersey number 18 Doug Ast was the first to score 100 goals for the Panthers in the DEL.
Jimmy Waite stood with the number 29 in the gate of the ERC. It was called The Wall because of its many shutouts .
Jakub Ficenec, also known as Bum Bum by the fans because of his hard shot , wore the number 38 on his back. He is the only player who won the ERC Ingolstadt cup and was champion.

Members of the Hockey Hall of Fame Germany

Personalities who have rendered outstanding services to ice hockey in Germany will be admitted to the “Hall of Fame” of the German Ice Hockey Museum. The only honored person who also worked at ERC Ingolstadt during his career is Ignaz Berndaner , who was a trainer at ERC from 1994 to 1998. As a national player, the defender took part in nine world championships and two Olympic Games, in which he won the bronze medal with the national team in 1976 . At the national level, Berndaner played for SC Riessersee , with which he won the German championship in 1980 , and for EC Hedos Munich , where he ended his career after the 1991/92 season.

Club-internal records

Record player
space player Games
1. Jakub Ficenec 570
2. Thomas Greilinger 471
3. Glenn Goodall 426
4th Bjorn Barta 371
5. Michael Waginger 328
Top template provider
space player templates
1. Jakub Ficenec 267
2. Thomas Greilinger 229
2. Derek Hahn 148
4th Jared Ross 141
5. Glen Goodall 136
Top scorer
space player Points (T / A)
1. Thomas Greilinger 415 (186/229)
2. Jakub Ficenec 386 (119/267)
3. Derek Hahn 222 (74/148)
4th Doug Ast 217 (100/117)
5. Jared Ross 216 (75/141)
Penalty minutes
space player Minutes
1. Jakub Ficenec 698
2. Glen Goodall 495
3. Ken Sutton 416
4th Yannic Seidenberg 366
5. Jason Holland 359
Top goal scorers
space player Gates
1. Thomas Greilinger 186
2. Jakub Ficenec 119
3. John Laliberté 107
4th Doug Ast 100
5. Joe Motzko 82

(all statistics are current at the end of the 2016/17 season )

Balance in the DEL

Abbreviations: Sp = games, S = wins, N = defeats, HeiSp = home games, AuSp = away games

opponent Sp S. N Gates HeiSp. S. N Gates AuSp. S. N Gates
augsburg 68 40 28 238: 205 34 22nd 12 129: 106 34 18th 16 109: 104
Berlin 80 31 49 221: 244 39 17th 22nd 121: 112 41 14th 27 104: 139
Dusseldorf 78 48 30th 255: 209 40 28 12 135: 93 38 20th 18th 120: 116
Hamburg 65 36 29 203: 171 32 23 9 117: 75 33 13 20th 86:96
Iserlohn 75 45 30th 240: 209 38 29 9 138: 88 37 16 21st 102: 121
Cologne 98 49 49 288: 301 48 25th 23 155: 150 50 24 26th 133: 151
Krefeld 79 47 32 232: 215 39 27 12 133: 98 40 20th 20th 99: 117
Mannheim 81 28 53 195: 260 41 16 25th 108: 135 40 12 28 87: 125
Munich 36 15th 21st 098: 1110 18th 8th 10 052:60 18th 7th 11 46:51
Nuremberg 74 37 37 201: 207 37 21st 16 115: 98 37 16 21st 86: 109
Schwenningen 28 19th 9 0103: 680 14th 13 1 069:29 14th 6th 8th 34:39
Straubing 54 32 22nd 173: 146 27 18th 9 096:70 27 14th 13 77:76
Wolfsburg 52 25th 27 154: 163 26th 13 13 073:72 26th 12 14th 81:91
Freiburg 4th 3 1 011: 08 2 2 0 006: 03 2 1 1 05: 05
Frankfurt 34 21st 13 109: 096 17th 15th 2 071:38 17th 6th 11 38:58
Duisburg 16 9 7th 059: 043 8th 6th 2 035:19 8th 3 5 24:24
Hanover 54 28 26th 148: 142 27 18th 9 085:59 27 10 17th 63:83
kassel 22nd 12 10 064: 051 11 9 2 038:23 11 3 8th 26:28
Bremerhaven 14th 5 9 040:430 7th 1 6th 012:22 7th 4th 3 28:21

(all statistics are current at the end of the 2018/19 season )

Other important (former) players

(Team membership and position in brackets)

Ast moved from the Iserlohn Roosters to ERC Ingolstadt in 2003, where he scored exactly 100 goals in 6 years. After graduating, he first played for various NHL farm teams in the AHL and IHL.
Bouchard was a member of the Canadian national team at the 2000 World Cup, with which he reached fourth place, and was also 2001 Swedish champion with Djurgårdens IF. The Canadian also won the German championship with the Frankfurt Lions in 2004 and the Adler Mannheim in 2008.
The native Czech is a record player and the best scorer in the history of ERC Ingolstadt. Previously, Ficenec was active for the renowned club HC Slavia Prague in the Czech extra league as well as the league competitors Augsburger Panther and DEG Metro Stars.
Thomas Greilinger played for the Panthers for eleven seasons. He scored the most goals for the ERC in the DEL, especially with his wrist shot, which was feared throughout the league. In 2014 he became German champion with the ERC.
Holland played in the National Hockey League for the New York Islanders and the Los Angeles Kings and finally moved to Ingolstadt in 2005, where he has since matured into one of the most important players.
The two-time Stanley Cup winner with the Dallas Stars and the New Jersey Devils took part in the 1998 Winter Olympics with the US national team. During the lockout, Langenbrunner played 22 games for the ERC, in which he scored eleven points.
McDonald was a member of the Canadian national team in 2002 and won the Stanley Cup with the Anaheim Ducks in 2007. The attacker spent the 2004/05 NHL lockout in Ingolstadt, where he won the German Ice Hockey Cup with the ERC.
The multiple national player played 321 games for ERC Ingolstadt between 2002 and 2008, in which he scored 83 points.
Marco Sturm played at ERC Ingolstadt during the NHL lockout in the 2004/05 season and was able to celebrate winning the DEB Cup with Bayern. In 2014 he ended his ice hockey career.
Sutton won the Stanley Cup with the New Jersey Devils in the 2000/2001 season and then moved to Europe via the New York Islanders, where he signed a contract with ERC Ingolstadt. There he played 147 games and ended his active ice hockey career in 2006.
Ward, who won the Stanley Cup in 1997 with the Detroit Red Wings, spent the NHL lockout in the 2004/05 season at ERC Ingolstadt. The American is currently under contract with the Boston Bruins.
The former NHL player, who was there for the Chicago Blackhawks and the San Jose Sharks, among others, moved to the DEL to eat mosquitos in 2001. Via the Iserlohn Roosters, the goalkeeper came to ERC Ingolstadt for the 2003/04 season, for which he was between the posts until 2009.

Participation of players in the All-Star-Game

Some ERC Ingolstadt players were nominated for the DEL All-Star-Game , a friendly game that has been taking place annually since 1998 and in which the most outstanding players in the German Ice Hockey League compete against each other.

Participation in the All-Star-Game while being part of the team
Surname position Participation (noun) team
GermanyGermany Michael Bakos defender 2008 Europe Europe
CanadaCanada Vince Bellissimo striker 2008 DEL All-Star Team North America
Czech RepublicCzech Republic Jakub Ficenec defender 2004, 2005, 2006
2007, 2008, 2009
DEL All-Star TeamDEL All-Stars
GermanyGermany Thomas Greilinger striker 2009 Europe Europe
Canada / Germany Jason Holland defender 2007 DEL All-Star Team North America
CanadaCanada Brad Leeb striker 2008 DEL All-Star Team North America
CanadaCanada Cameron Mann striker 2004 DEL All-Star Team DEL all-stars
GermanyGermany Nikolaus Mondt striker 2004, 2005 GermanyGermany Germany
GermanyGermany Yannic Seidenberg striker 2006
2007, 2009
GermanyGermany Marco Sturm striker 2005 GermanyGermany Germany
CanadaCanada Jeff Tory defender 2007 DEL All-Star Team North America
CanadaCanada Jimmy Waite goalkeeper 2004
DEL All-Star TeamDEL All-Stars
DEL All-Star TeamNorth America


Club culture


There are currently 24 official fan clubs .


After the first DEL season in 2002/03 was over, the people in charge started looking for a mascot . The fans had until April 30th to submit nominations. On June 27, 2003 it was announced that Xaver the Schanzer Power Panther was elected as the new mascot by the fans with 41.6% of the votes. Since then, Xaver has been the official mascot of the ERC Ingolstadt and represents the association at many public events.

Parent club

ice Hockey

The men's team 1b takes part in the game operations of the Bavarian District League . In 2004, 2009, 2013 and 2017 they each reached the championship in the BBzl Nord. The 2009 championship was associated with promotion to the Bavarian regional league , from which they withdrew after the 2010/11 season.

Furthermore, the parent club maintains a women's team that will compete in the women's ice hockey Bundesliga from the 2012/13 season . In the first season they reached the 6th place (out of seven). Further placements 5th place (2014), 3rd place (2015), 3rd place (2016), runner-up (2017), 3rd place (2018), 3rd place ( 2019 ).

In the junior division, teams of all age groups take part in matches. The division of the school team is the school league, while the youth team has been playing in the German Junior League (DNL) since the 2016/17 season . In the 2017/18 season they were able to take 2nd place in the DNL2 behind the Iserlohner EC.

  • DNL2 runner-up in 2018
  • German U13 runner-up (boys) 2019

Other sports

In addition to the sport of ice hockey, the main club also has the figure skating , stick shooting and the skate hockey department , which participates with teams in the BRIV league game .


From 1974 to 2003, the ERC Ingolstadt team played in the ice rink on Jahnstrasse. The open-air stadium with 3500 spectator seats no longer met the DEL standards and therefore a move to a newer ice rink was inevitable in order to maintain the Ingolstadt location for higher-class ice hockey.

The ERC Ingolstadt has played its home games in the Saturn Arena since the 2003/04 season . The multifunctional arena was opened on October 3, 2003. It offers space for 4815 spectators at ice hockey games and, in addition to ice hockey, is also the venue for numerous concerts and other events. In the first season in the new arena, the hall was often very well filled with an average of 4294 spectators. In 2007 a second ice rink was opened, which is directly adjacent to the Saturn Arena. The construction of a third ice surface is already planned.


  • 1964–1972 Werner Kopp
  • 1972–1975 Ignaz Zinsmeister
  • 1975–1978 Werner Kopp
  • 1978–1983 Josef Himmer
  • 1983–2004 Manfred Schuhmann
  • 2004–2011 Wolfgang Ott
  • 2011–2015 Christian Lösel
  • 2015– 0000Eric Jensen

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