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Bavarian State Sports
Association - BLSV -
BLSV - House of Sports Munich.JPG
BLSV - House of Sports in Munich
Founded July 18, 1945
president Jörg Ammon
societies 11,977 (12/2017)
Members 4,545,210 (12/2017)
Association headquarters Munich

The Bavarian State Sports Association e. V. (BLSV) is the umbrella organization of sports clubs and specialist sports associations in Bavaria and as such a member of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) . The BLSV has over 11,000 associations with more than 4.5 million members (as of the end of 2017). Over 90,700 instructors and around 300,000 volunteers make the BLSV and its 56 sports associations (as of January 2018) the largest personal association in Bavaria and the second largest state sports association after North Rhine-Westphalia. The seat of the association is the House of Sports at Georg-Brauchle-Ring 93 in Munich .


The purpose of the association is to maintain and promote sport. (Articles of Association §2)


The association is structured (Articles of Association I §2 Paragraph 3)

a) regionally in sports districts and sports circles, which basically correspond to the political districts and districts of the Free State of Bavaria,

b) by type of sport.


The BLSV was founded on July 18, 1945. The current BLSV President has been Jörg Ammon since June 9, 2018. On the first regular association day on 2/3 August 1947, the original statute was approved. At that time the idea was followed "to join together voluntarily in the community for the best of physical exercises". This basic idea has been retained. The publication organ of the BLSV is the weekly magazine bayernsport .

A special feature in Bavaria is that, unlike other federal states , the Bavarian Sport Schützenbund is not a member of the state sports association , but acts as an independent umbrella organization. In 2013, for the first time in 15 years, the BLSV took up a new professional association, the Unicycle Association of Bavaria. The application for admission submitted in 2009 was originally rejected in 2011, despite the admission requirements being met. After several years of legal dispute, the Munich Higher Regional Court decided on June 20, 2013 that the BLSV must accept the unicycling association as the 54th professional association. In accordance with Section 12 of the BLSV Statutes and Section 4 (2a) of the Admission Regulations, the meeting of the BLSV Association Committee on November 25, 2017 initiated the admission of three further sports associations to the BLSV: the Floorball Association Bavaria (FVB) the Bavarian Cricket Association (BCV) and the Cheerleading and Cheerdance Association Bavaria (CCVBy).

The association awarded the Bavarian Sports Achievement Badge in three stages from 1948 to the end of 2012 . After the sports badge reform of the DOSB, it has been possible since 2013 to use the German sports badge , which is uniform for all of Germany .

Topics and work areas in the BLSV

  1. Representatives of the interests of the BLSV member associations
  2. Development of initiatives and concepts in popular sports, competitive sports and all other areas of sporting activity, such as:
    • Sport in schools and clubs
    • Women in sport, integration
    • Church and Sport
    • Sport for the elderly
    • sport and health
    • Sports badge
  3. Youth work: with the Bavarian Sports Youth (BSJ), the BLSV has an independent area to promote youth work. The BSJ takes on the important social task of youth work in the BLSV.
    • modern sporting youth work
    • extensive training and further education program
    • Discussion forum for the sporting interests of all young people in Bavaria
    • Promoting the development of young people
    • Promotion of young volunteers by offering voluntary services in sport
    • Support of sports clubs with children and youth issues
  4.  Volunteering: one of the most important pillars in society and in sport. In order to create good and suitable framework conditions for this, the BLSV carries out extensive lobbying work. a. With
    • the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior, for construction and transport in the field of grassroots and competitive sports (non-school sports) and the promotion of sports
    • the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture, Science and Art in the field of school sports
    • the Bavarian State Ministry for Labor and Social Affairs, Family and Integration
    • the Bavarian Youth Ring for the sport of children and young people
  5. Services:
  6. General club advice
  7. Club development: for future-proof sports offers of the clubs up to date
  8. Education and qualification offers:
    • Training as a trainer, trainer and club manager
    • Additional qualifications (BLSV certificate)
    • Advanced training courses and intensive seminars
  9. Creation of funding programs as a prerequisite for member associations to be able to use state funding
  10. Voluntary services such as the voluntary social year (FSJ) and the federal voluntary services in sport, offered by the Bavarian Sports Youth (BSJ)
  11. Honors for appreciation and recognition for special achievements in the work of the association
  12. Insurance coverage with insurance options for member clubs, non-members, trainers, refugees, and much more
  13. Advice on legal and tax issues
  14. Public use of music in sports clubs, GEMA
  15. Free energy advice for sports facilities through the climate check
  16. Use of the BLSV sports camps for training camps, club trips and much more
    • BLSV Haus BergSee
    • Sports camp Inzell
    • Sports camp rain
    • Sportcamp Northern Bavaria (reopening 2020)
    • Sports school Oberhaching
  17. Club competitions such as Quantensprung 2020, LEW energy efficiency award, BLSV honorary award

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