EC Ratingen

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EC Ratingen
Greatest successes
  • Promotion to the Bundesliga in 1992
  • Quarter-finals Bundesliga play-offs 1993
Club information
history EC Ratingen "The Lions" (1979–1997)
Revierlöwen Oberhausen (1997–2007)
Club colors red, white, black
league German ice hockey league
Venue Ice rink at the Sandbach
capacity 3,800 seats (of which 1,650 seats)
1996/97 16th place

The EC Ratingen was an ice hockey club from Ratingen that played in the German Ice Hockey League until 1997 and was then relocated to Oberhausen .


The EC Ratingen "Die Löwen" was founded in 1977 and rose to the then fourth-class regional league for the first time in the 1984/85 season . There the team already qualified in the first season as group first of the western season and as winners of the qualification for the league . The lions remained in this class until 1987 , when the team celebrated their first promotion to the 2nd Bundesliga after narrowly failing in the previous year in qualification north .

There, the EC Ratingen was able to continue playing in the 1990/91 season despite ongoing bankruptcy proceedings and finally made it to the 1st Bundesliga in the following year . After the team had taken second place in the main round, they slipped to sixth place in the intermediate round and thus only just reached the promotion round, which could again be finished as second best. In the relegation games to the first division, the lions finally beat ES Weißwasser in three games.

As one of 18 teams, EC Ratingen was a founding member of the German Ice Hockey League in 1994 , to which the team belonged until 1997 . In the summer of 1997 the first team of the EC Ratingen moved to Oberhausen against the declared will of the club members. There they continued playing in the DEL as Revierlöwen Oberhausen in the Centro arena . After the conditions of participation of the highest league, which stipulated that they still have a club with youth work as a base, were changed, the EC Ratingen finally dissolved, especially since a new ice hockey club, the Ratinger Ice Aliens , had been founded in Ratingen in 1997 . The Revierlöwen finally withdrew from the DEL in 2002 and then played until 2006 . The EC Ratingen association was deleted from the Ratingen association register on August 31, 2006.


season league Preliminary round Final round /
1984/85 Regional league 1st place 1st place
1985/86 Oberliga 2nd place 4th place
1986/87 Oberliga 1st place 6th place
1987/88 2nd Bundesliga 5th place 9th place
1988/89 2nd Bundesliga 6th place 5th place
1989/90 2nd Bundesliga 8th place 1st place
1990/91 2nd Bundesliga 4th Place 8th place
1991/92 2nd Bundesliga 2nd place 2nd place
1992/93 Bundesliga 8th place Quarterfinals
1993/94 Bundesliga 8th place 2nd round
1994/95 DEL 16th place Round of 16
1995/96 DEL 10th place Round of 16
1996/97 DEL 10th place Relegation

in the promotion / relegation round or in the play-offs / play-downs of the respective league


Ice rink at the Sandbach

The EC Ratingen played its home games in the 3800-seat ice rink on Sandbach, which was built in 1981. In 1992 the hall was completely rebuilt and equipped with an additional 1,650 seats and 40 VIP seats. Today the successor club and fourth division Ratinger Ice Aliens plays its home games in the stadium.


Significant former players

(Team membership and position in brackets)

The Italian-Canadian moved from TuS Geretsried to the Löwen in the DEL in 1995. With the Adler Mannheim Beraldo became German champion a year later. In addition, the center played ten games for the Boston Bruins in the National Hockey League.
Bergen played in Ratingen from 1992 to 1994 and became German champions in 1996 with the Düsseldorfer EG and in 2001 with the Adler Mannheim. The native Canadian took part in the 1998 Winter Olympics with the German national team.
The goalkeeper played a total of 137 international matches for the GDR and the Federal Republic. After reunification, Bielke stood between the posts for various first division clubs, including from 1992 to 1994 at EC Ratingen.
The Canadian completed a total of 1,528 NHL games for the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Montreal Canadiens and the San Jose Sharks and won the Stanley Cup in 1993. The center in Ratingen spent the lockout in the 1994/95 season.
Frenzel won the GDR championship eleven times with SC Dynamo Berlin and also played 296 international matches. In 1989 he was the first ice hockey player from the GDR to officially join a German club. He also takes part in the "Game of Legends" at the 2010 World Cup.
The attacker was on the ice in the DEL for the Ratinger Löwen, Moskitos Essen, Kassel Huskies and Frankfurt Lions, with whom he won the German championship in 2004.
The brother of the national player Daniel Kreutzer interrupted his career with the Düsseldorfer EG, with which he could celebrate a total of five championship titles, in 1988 when he went on the ice for the EC Ratingen in the 2nd Bundesliga.
The member of the Russian Ice Hockey Hall of Fame became world and Olympic champion with the national team and moved to Ratinger EC in 1990, where he ended his career three years later.