Prince of Wales Trophy

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The Prince of Wales Trophy in the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto

The Prince of Wales Trophy is an ice hockey trophy that has been awarded annually in the National Hockey League since 1992 to the team that wins the conference final of the Eastern Conference (and thus moves up to the Stanley Cup final ). It was donated in 1924 by the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII ). The counterpart, which the winner of the Western Conference wins, is the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl .

Due to various structural changes and renaming within the NHL divisions and conferences, the recipient of this trophy also changed several times:

  • from 1924: best team in the basic round of the American Division
  • from 1939: best team in the regular season (from this season there was only one division)
  • from 1968: best team of the basic round of the newly created East Division
  • from 1975: best team of the basic round of the Wales Conference
  • from 1982: Playoff winner of the Wales Conference
  • from 1992: Playoff winner of the Eastern Conference

The record holders are the Canadiens de Montréal , who have already secured this trophy 25 times (most recently in 1993). The most successful US team are the Boston Bruins . They were able to secure the trophy 16 times. The Detroit Red Wings, Chicago Blackhawks, New York Islanders and the Philadelphia Flyers won both the Prince of Wales Trophy and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

List of winners

Medal table

17 franchises share 93 trophies:

space society number
1 Canadiens de Montréal 25th
2 Boston Bruins 18th
3 Detroit Red Wings 13
4th Pittsburgh Penguins 6th
5 New Jersey Devils 5
6th New York Rangers 4th
Philadelphia Flyers 4th
8th Buffalo Sabers 3
New York Islanders 3
10 Carolina Hurricanes 2
Chicago Blackhawks 2
Ottawa Senators (1893)
Ottawa Senators (1991)
Toronto Maple Leafs 2
Tampa Bay Lightning 2
Washington Capitals 2
16 Florida panthers 1
Montreal Maroons 1

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