Octane - cruel suspicion

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German title Octane - cruel suspicion
Original title Octane
Country of production Great Britain , Luxembourg
original language English
Publishing year 2003
length 91 minutes
Age rating FSK 16
Director Marcus Adams
script Stephen Volk
production Carlo Dusi ,
Bill Allan
music Phil Hartnoll ,
Paul Hartnoll
camera Robin Vidgeon
cut Trevor Waite

Octane - Cruel suspect is a horror - road movie directed by Marcus Adams, which in 2003 in Luxembourg was filmed.


Fifteen-year-old Natasha Wilson gets into an argument with her mother on a nightly car ride, runs away at a rest stop and joins a group of hitchhikers. Your new friends turn out to be followers of a fanatical sect. Natasha's single mother, Senga, starts chasing her daughter. She is let down by the police. She is only supported in her search by a trucker. Together they follow the bloody trail along a highway.

Meanwhile, Natasha finds out that the group is some kind of vampire, at least they like to drink blood. Senga and the trucker finally come to a factory floor where Natasha is being held captive by the vampires. The two can save the girl in time before she has sex with the leader of the group, who is also addicted to blood. However, the tow truck driver is killed by the bloodsucker. Senga Wilson finally manages to finish off the "father" and ultimately mother and daughter can escape unharmed.


The lexicon of the international film describes Octane - Cruel Suspicion as "[uninspired] vampire horror film in the form of a road movie that is reminiscent of genre models such as Near Dark or From Dusk Till Dawn ."

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