Okay (movie)

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German title OK
Original title OK
Country of production Denmark
original language Danish
Publishing year 2002
length 97 minutes
Age rating FSK 6
Director Jesper W. Nielsen
script Kim Fupz Aakeson
production Peter Bech
music Halfdan E.
camera Erik Zappon
cut Morten Giese

The Danish film Okay ( Okay ) is a comedy directed by Jesper W. Nielsen from 2002 with Paprika Steen in the lead role.


Nete ​​is the center of her family, she tries to keep everything under control. Her husband Kristian is a writer, but does not dare to send his work to a publisher because he is afraid of rejection. He earns a little money with lectures at the university and so Nete brings most of the money home with her work at the social welfare office. Her daughter Katrine is in the middle of puberty, has secretly a boyfriend and is desperate to get rid of her braces.

In the midst of this complicated everyday life, the news bursts that Nete's father is terminally ill with leukemia and does not have long to live. Since the doctor assumes about 3 weeks, Nete decides to take her father home. He is supposed to spend his last days with his family. Without further ado, she quarters her father in Kristian's study, but he finds the couch so uncomfortable that he moves into his daughter's bedroom. This creates even more restlessness in the family, because the father smokes and just sits in front of the television all day and doesn't even think about dying. On the contrary, his health is actually improving.

Kristian, annoyed by the lack of private life at home, begins an affair with a student. Meanwhile, Nete tries to convince her brother Martin to speak out and reconcile with his father. Martin had a clash with his father because he could not accept that his son was gay. But Martin doesn't even think about speaking to his father. He has problems of his own because the lesbian couple Trisse and Janni have chosen him to be the sperm donor for their child. He not only has to decide whether he wants to donate, but also whether he wants to be recognized as a father.

Nete ​​finally reaches her limits when she discovers Kristian's affair and her father joins forces with her daughter against her and simply has the braces removed. She throws Kristian out of the apartment and freaks out when her father tells her that she is like her mother. Nete ​​leaves the apartment to clear her head again. When she returns, her father has hospitalized himself. His health has deteriorated significantly. Before doing this, however, he visits Martin and speaks with his son.

When the father dies in the hospital, Nete is devastated and Kristian comes to comfort her. She forgives him and they go home together.


"Family live. This is how this film could be described. Nielsen succeeds in depicting the conflicts as an expression of emotional obstacles in a way that never seems artificial and overused. "

- film starts

“The tragic comedy, which is excellently played in the main role, relies on surprising twists, which ultimately serve less for the story than for the author's self-portrayal. At least the focus remains on the crisis of a nuclear family whose structural problems have not been overcome and which stagnates in reactionary role behavior. "

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