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Oskar Höcker (born June 13, 1840 in Eilenburg , † April 8, 1894 in Berlin ) was a German actor and writer . He is the brother of the writer Gustav Höcker . His son Paul Oskar Höcker was also a writer.


Oskar Höcker was born in the community of Leipziger Steinweg in front of Eilenburg as the son of the colorist (in the textile industry) Johann Gottfried H. and Sophie Friederike (née Lange). He received his secondary education at the grammar school in Chemnitz . As a result, he began studying chemistry in Leipzig .

At the age of 19 he became a student of the royal Saxon court actor Karl Porth in Dresden . The stations of his stage career were among others Bremen , Rostock , Reichenberg , Stettin , Meiningen and from 1866 to 1882 the court theater in Karlsruhe . There he was in constant contact with his brother. From 1883 on he was on all major stages in Berlin.

Since the age of 25 he practiced his dual profession as an actor and writer for young people. In the latter position in 1865 he succeeded F. Hoffmann, the editor of the "Deutscher Jugendfreundes", and published over 100 volumes in this series.

With the well-known Leipzig publisher Arnold Hirt (Verlag Ferdinand Hirt & Sohn) he began his actual literary work from 1870. In the cultural-historical narratives he has written , he brings young readers closer to the history of the Christian Church and the cultural history of Germany in several volumes . At the height of his acting and writing success, Höcker died on April 8, 1894 in Berlin at the age of 53 of severe nervous disorders.

Fonts (selection)

  • Soldier life in war. A story from Germany's recent past . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart 1871
  • From Moltke's life. Under the crescents. Historical story from the time of the wandering years of a German war hero during his stay in the Ottoman Empire . Spamer, Leipzig 1873
  • General von Werder, the defender of southern Germany . Velhagen u. Klasing, Bielefeld u. a. 1874, digitized
  • You shouldn't hate your brother in your heart! (Lev. 19, 17.). A Swedish village story that tells the more mature youth . Schmidt u Spring, Stuttgart 1874
  • The revenge is mine! (Deut. 32, 35.). A story from our time, told by young and old . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart 1875.
  • The lie is an ugly eyesore (Sir. 20, 26). An instructive story for boys and girls . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart 1878.
  • The ancestral castle. Cultural history stories for the more mature youth . Ferdinand Hirt & Son, Leipzig
    • Volume 1: The Heir of the Piper King . 1879
    • Volume 2: In a secret league . 1879
    • Volume 3: Two Giants of the Guard . 1880.
    • Volume 4: German loyalty, Swiss trickery . 1881.
  • Marshal Forward and his loyal beeper master. Historical story from the time of the German Wars of Liberation . Spamer, Leipzig 1880.
  • Parentless. Short story for the youth , 1880.
  • Demons in the farm. A Black Forest village story told to the mature youth and the people . Bagel, Düsseldorf 1882.
  • Jesus, my confidence! Story from the time of the great elector . Bagel, Düsseldorf 1883.
  • Schoolroom and battlefield. A story for the youth . Bagel, Düsseldorf 1883.
  • Prussia's army - Prussia's honor! Military and cultural history images from three centuries . Ferdinand Hirt & Son, Leipzig 1883.
  • William Shakespeare and Old England. Cultural and historical story from the reign of Elisabeth . Ebhardt, Berlin 1884.
  • Under the yoke of the Caesars. Cultural-historical tale from the time of the emperor Hadrian and the days of the fall of Judea. Ferdinand Hirt & Son, Leipzig 1884
  • Pictures from the city life of Augsburg and Nuremberg . Wigand, Leipzig 1884.
  • Landmarks of the German bourgeoisie. Images of cultural history from the Middle Ages . Ferdinand Hirt & Son, Leipzig 1886.
  • The stork farmer. A village story from the Baden Black Forest for young people . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart a. a. 1886.
  • A German apostle . Ferdinand Hirt & Son, Leipzig 1887.
  • Emperor Friedrich as prince, general and ruler . Leo, Berlin 1888.
  • For the fatherland! A story from Germany's greatest days . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart 1888.
  • The tower kate of Cologne. Story from the Rhenish merchant life in the 16th century . Mehring, Berlin 1888.
  • Save in time, so you have in need. A story from the Upper Silesian folk life . Woywod, Breslau 1891.
  • The tightrope walker's child. A story for the dear youth . Schmidt et al. Spring, Stuttgart 1893.

New editions:

  • Robinson Crusoe. According to Defoe's story . Reprint of the 5th edition (9th – 13th thousand) Berlin, Meidinger 1895. Melchior-Verl., Wolfenbüttel 2007. ISBN 978-3-939791-14-0


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