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Parlophone is a German-British record label that is now part of the Warner Music Group .

Company history

A great sales success of the shellac era was the extraction of Lilian Harvey's “That's only once” from the 1931 film “The Congress Dances”.

Parlophon was a record label of the German Carl Lindström AG. At the beginning of the 20th century, the native Swede Lindström began producing gramophones and records under the brand name Parlophon in Berlin . Parlophon was the company's parent brand, which expanded rapidly.

Lindström later bought other companies, including Odeon , which then became the group's main brand in Germany. For international business, an "e" was added to the name Parlophone in France and Great Britain in order to adapt it to the rules of the respective language. The trademark of Parlophone was the "£", which did not stand for the British pound , but referred to L indström (abroad varies to Lindstrom). This “£”, or partially “L”, can be found on records of all brands from Lindström.

During the First World War , the transatlantic company relocated its headquarters to the Netherlands . In 1927 the British Columbia Graphophone Company acquired the Carl Lindstrom Company and with it Parlophone.

In 1931 Columbia merged with the Gramophone Company to form EMI . Parlophone thus became an EMI sub-label. Within the EMI Group, Parlophone mainly published audio books . That changed when the young A&R manager George Martin signed the Liverpool band The Beatles in 1962 .

In 2013, Parlophone was acquired by Warner Music Group for £ 487 million (€ 567 million) .

Alignment and artist

Since working with the Beatles, Parlophone has been a rock music label , apart from a few exceptions such as the Pet Shop Boys , Kylie Minogue or Conor Maynard , and has mainly British and Australian artists in its repertoire. The label has or had the following artists under contract:

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