Paul and Prosper Henry

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Paul-Pierre and Mathieu-Prosper Henry

The brothers Paul-Pierre Henry (born August 21, 1848 in Nancy , † January 4, 1905 in Montrouge ) and Mathieu-Prosper Henry (born December 10, 1849 in Nancy, † July 25, 1903 in Pralognan ) were French opticians and astronomers .

After the death of Jean Chacornac , the two were tasked with completing the star maps. They used photography to make this task easier . They made the necessary instruments, including the large lenses , themselves. The rapid development of astrophotography in the 19th century is largely due to them.

They made numerous telescopes and other astronomical instruments. At the Observatory of Paris , each of the brothers discovered seven asteroids (see the asteroid list ). In November 1885 they discovered for the first time photographed the reflection nebula around the Pleiades .

In honor of the brothers, the 42 km large lunar crater Henry Frères , the Mars crater Henry , as well as the asteroid (1516) Henry .

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