Peter Schwaar

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Peter Schwaar (born August 6, 1947 in Zurich ) is a Swiss literary translator .


After graduating from high school, Peter Schwaar studied German and musicology . He then volunteered at the Zürcher Tages-Anzeiger , of which he was later part of the editorial team. He has been working as a freelance translator since 1987 . Schwaar lives in Barcelona .

Peter Schwaar translates works of fiction from Spanish into German , a. a. Novels by the successful authors Eduardo Mendoza and Carlos Ruiz Zafón . He is a member of the Association of German-Language Translators of Literary and Scientific Works . In 1992 he was awarded an honorary gift from the City of Zurich . In 1994 he received the translation award from the Spanish Embassy in Germany.

In 1993 Schwaar received the Swiss Prix ​​d'encouragement pour traducteurs et traductrices de la collection CH ( advancement award for translators). He was the first recipient of this newly created translation award , which, like the founder organization Ch Foundation for Federal Cooperation as a whole, is intended to promote cultural exchange between the four cultures of the Confederation, in this case through translations.


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  • Miguel Barnet : The angel's craft. Zurich 1993.
  • Adolfo Bioy Casares : Adventure of a Photographer in La Plata. Frankfurt am Main 1995.
  • Adolfo Bioy Casares: A wavering champion. Frankfurt am Main 1997.
  • Belén Gopegui : Conquering the Air. Zurich [u. a.] 2001.
  • José María Guelbezu : The look. Frankfurt am Main 1990.
  • Enrique de Hériz : Lies. Hamburg 2005.
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  • Jorge Ibargüengoitia: August lightning bolts. Frankfurt am Main 1992.
  • Jorge Ibargüengoitia: The dead women. Frankfurt am Main 1990.
  • Alexandro Jodorowsky : Where a bird sings most beautifully. Frankfurt am Main 1996.
  • Antonio Martínez : Juliet's Diary. Zurich [u. a.] 2002.
  • Tomás Eloy Martínez : The Queen's Flight. Frankfurt am Main 2003.
  • Tomás Eloy Martínez: The general cannot rest. Frankfurt am Main 1999.
  • Tomás Eloy Martínez: Purgatorio. Frankfurt am Main 2010.
  • Tomás Eloy Martínez: Santa Evita. Frankfurt am Main 1997.
  • Tomás Eloy Martínez: The tango singer. Frankfurt am Main 2005.
  • Cristina Mendoza : Barcelona - A city invents the modern. Frankfurt am Main [u. a.] 2006.
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  • Eduardo Mendoza: The year of the flood. Frankfurt am Main 1997.
  • Eduardo Mendoza: Cat War. Munich 2012.
  • Eduardo Mendoza: A light comedy. Frankfurt am Main 1998.
  • Eduardo Mendoza: Mauricio's choice. Frankfurt am Main 2007.
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  • Eduardo Mendoza: The Truth About The Savolta Case. Frankfurt am Main 1991.
  • Eduardo Mendoza: The hairdresser and the chancellor. Munich 2013.
  • Juan José Millás García : Your confusing name. Frankfurt am Main 1990.
  • Juan José Millás García: My street was the world. Frankfurt am Main 2009.
  • Juan José Millás García: That was loneliness. Frankfurt am Main 1991.
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  • Álvaro Mutis: The last trip of the Tramp Steamer. Frankfurt 1994.
  • Rosa Ribas : Wrong girlfriend. Berlin 2012.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón : Gaudí in Manhattan. Frankfurt am Main 2009.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The prisoner of heaven . Frankfurt am Main 2012.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón: Marina. Frankfurt am Main 2011.
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The shadow of the wind . Frankfurt am Main 2003
  • Carlos Ruiz Zafón: The Angel's Game . Frankfurt am Main 2008.
  • Javier Tomeo : The pigeon city. Berlin 1991.
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  • David Trueba : Open all night. Frankfurt am Main 1997.
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  • Zoé Valdés : beloved first love. Zurich 2001.
  • Juan Eduardo Zúñiga : Turgenev. Frankfurt am Main 2001.