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Pierre Krebs (born December 20, 1946 in Algiers ) is a French right-wing extremist publicist, publisher and politician as well as one of the theorists of the New Right .


Pierre Krebs first studied law at the University of Montpellier , later journalism at the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme in Paris, as well as sociology and political science, where he received his doctorate from the Sorbonne .

In 1967, at the age of 21, Krebs became a member of the right-wing extremist French party Rassemblement Européen de la Liberté (REL), which was founded in November 1966 by the Mouvement Nationaliste du Progrès under the leadership of Dominique Venner . The party ran for the French parliamentary elections in 1967. Krebs became editor-in-chief of the party's own magazine REL Europe . In 1968 he became the statutory president of the party and was also responsible for public relations. In 1968 he was also a delegate of REL in Languedoc .

Krebs moved to Germany and studied Romance studies, philosophy, history and ancient Scandinavian studies in Göttingen and passed the 1st and 2nd state examinations for the higher teaching post in the subjects of French, history and politics in Kassel .

Memberships and right-wing extremist public relations

In 1980 in Kassel, together with other right-wing extremists such as the publisher Wigbert Grabert , Krebs founded the Thule seminar based on GRECE , which so Krebs “pursues goals similar to ours”. The Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution describes the Thule seminar as a “right-wing extremist think tank in Hessen”. The Thule seminar sees itself as a “spiritual-historical think tank for a future European reorganization of all European peoples with special consideration of their biocultural and pagan-religious heritage”. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution accuses cancer of "subordinating the political to the racial principle" because of this self-portrayal. The Thule Seminar was editor of the magazine elements . The editor-in-chief was Pierre Krebs; Employees included Alain de Benoist , Guillaume Faye , Robert Hepp , Julien Freund , Michael Walker and Sigrid Hunke .

Krebs is also a member of the right-wing extremist species community - Germanic faith community , a neo-pagan community of faith in which, according to the German government, "racist and anti-Semitic attitudes are of high importance".

In 2003, Krebs founded the publisher editio de facto in order to distribute “politically less polluted” publications.


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