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The Pneumologie (also Pneumonologie ; Greek. Πνεύμων Pneumon "spirit", "touch", "breathing", metonymically for " lung ") or pulmonology (also Pulmonology ; lat. Pulmo "lung") is a branch of internal medicine , which is busy with lung disease. The German name is pulmonary medicine or lung and bronchial medicine .

Pneumology includes the prophylaxis , detection and conservative treatment of diseases of the lungs , bronchi , middle skin (mediastinum) and pleura .

Chest surgery as part of surgery , irradiation of lung tumors as part of radiation therapy, and chemotherapy of lung tumors as part of oncology are not directly part of pulmonology.

Common clinical pictures in pulmonology

Common methods of examination in pulmonology

less often internal thoracoscopy (a reflection of the pleura)

Therapy principles of pulmonology

Diagnostic procedures and interventions by thoracic surgeons

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