Police call 110: Why I ...

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Episode of the series Polizeiruf 110
Original title Why me …
Country of production GDR
original language German
on behalf of
length 72 minutes
classification Episode 138 ( List )
First broadcast July 22, 1990 on DFF 1
Director Ursula Bonhoff
script Wolfgang Müller
Gabriele Kotte
production Wolfgang Rennebarth
music Karl-Ernst Sasse
camera Günter Eisinger
cut Brigitte Krex

Why I ... is a German crime film by Ursula Bonhoff from 1990. The television film was released as the 138th episode of the Polizeiruf 110 film series .


Ms. Mansfeld is attacked and raped by an unknown person in a forest near a settlement. It is the third such act in six weeks. It is characteristic that the man uses a shopping net to strangle the victims. Since there are neither usable traces of the perpetrator nor a description of the perpetrator, the investigators around Chief Detective Lutz Zimmermann feel in the dark.

Rolf and Doris Winter's marriage is broken. Rolf cheated on Doris with a younger woman, so that the couple have been divorced for four months. The divorce judges have awarded Doris, among other things, the apartment and custody of the 14-year-old son Thomas. However, Rolf does not think about moving out. He does not take the divorce seriously, disregards the separation of property, vaguely hopes for a new marriage with Doris and holds out his girlfriend Silke Schüler. The situation is especially unbearable for the silent and patient Doris, especially since Rolf's son Thomas plays off against his mother. When she wants to go to see her mother with Thomas, with whom she wants to build a life together, Rolf invites him to go hunting. Thomas, who also knows nothing about the parents' divorce, goes hunting with Rolf, is allowed to shoot a deer in secret and then stop off at an inn with his father and the hunting staff. Doris goes to the inn and sees father and son sitting at the table in good spirits. She goes to the family car and beats the trunk lid helplessly. The trunk opens and Doris spontaneously takes the hunting rifle from Rolf. She wants her husband to have to worry too.

Doris goes into the forest with the rifle and dismantles it. Suddenly she hears a woman screaming and rushes to her aid. It's about the antique dealer Christel, who has just been attacked by the rapist. Doris hits him with the rifle and he flees with a bleeding head wound. Because she is afraid of being accused of being a gun thief and thus of losing Thomas, Doris convinces Christel not to go to the police. The rifle theft soon becomes known and Rolf files a complaint. Doris hides the rifle in the apartment.

The rapist Mr. Trautwein is found passed out and taken to the hospital. He claims he sustained the wound in a fall. Ms. Mansfeld later recognizes him, who is still in hospital for treatment. Trautwein is arrested and recognized by his two other victims. As a mentally ill man, he will escape prison. The investigators are still not satisfied: Trautwein claims there are four victims. In addition, it is not clear how he got his head wound.

Silke Schüler has had enough of Rolf putting her off again and again. She goes to Doris and speaks to her. She learns that the marriage has long been divorced. Doris, on the other hand, did not know beforehand that Silke was expecting a child from Rolf. The cautious rapprochement between Rolf and her in the past few days has now ended abruptly. She continues to hide the rifle and its ammunition, even after promising Christel that she will finally go to the police. The investigators have now been able to reconstruct that Christel must have been the fourth victim. During interrogation, she admits to having been attacked, but claims to have driven the perpetrator away herself. She didn't knock him down. She asks Doris again to hand over the rifle. She wants to meet her in the evening and go to the station with her. Doris has an appointment with childcare beforehand. Here she learns that Thomas would prefer to live with his father and has submitted a corresponding application. Desperate, she goes home and shoots herself with Rolf's rifle. Meanwhile Christel has waited in vain for Doris and now confesses the entire incident to the investigators. Lutz Zimmermann rushes to the Winter family's apartment, where Rolf and Thomas are already mourning the dead Doris.


Why me ... was shot from January 16 to March 8, 1990 in Potsdam . The costumes for the film were created by Ruth Kiecker and Hans Linke, the film structures were created by Werner Pieske. The film premiered on July 22, 1990 on DFF 1 . The audience participation was 34.1 percent.

It was the 138th episode in the film series Polizeiruf 110 . Chief Detective Lutz Zimmermann investigated in his 21st case and Kriminalrat Jäger in his 3rd case.


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