RTS Rail Transport Service

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RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH

legal form GmbH
founding 2004
Seat Graz , Austria
management Robert Zeller
Siegfried Kölle
Norbert Schauer
Number of employees 75
Branch Railway companies
Website www.rts-rail.com

The RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH is a private Austrian railway company . The object of the business is the transport of goods by rail .


The company was founded in September 2004 as a 100% subsidiary of the Austrian construction company Swietelsky Baugesellschaft mbH , one of the largest European companies in the track construction sector . RTS is based in Graz and has a branch in Fischamend, Lower Austria . The railway company currently employs 38 people in Germany and 37 in Austria.

The background to the establishment of the company was the transport of its own track construction machines and railroad cars . In the meantime, the area of ​​responsibility has expanded to include the handling of block train transports .

Since June 14, 2006, RTS has also been present on the German railway market through the establishment of the 100% subsidiary RTS Rail Transport Service Germany GmbH , which is based in Munich . This allows cross-border transports to be handled within your own company. Furthermore, through the cooperation with strategic partners, reference is made to a wide range of services.

Company data

RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH was first entered in the commercial register on September 16, 2004 under the number 252571d . The total capital contribution is 100,000 euros. The shareholders are 90% Swietelsky Baugesellschaft mbH and 10% Ing. Reinhard Zeller. Reinhard Zeller has been Managing Directors with collective signing authority since October 19, 2004 and Norbert Schauer since June 12, 2008. Authorized signatories with collective signing authority have been Sven Jungbauer and Heinz Mann since November 25, 2005 and Adolf Scheuchenpflug since June 15, 2007. The company is a small corporation. She is also a group member of TRIAS Holding GmbH in Linz. The current version of the establishment declaration is dated February 13, 2007.

Vehicle inventory

A total of 43 locomotives are available, 15 of which are set at RTS Rail Transport Service Germany GmbH and the rest at RTS Rail Transport Service GmbH . In addition, 139 freight wagons of different types are registered with the company.



RTS 2143 014-6 at InnoTrans 2010

With the acquisition of four class 2143 diesel locomotives from the Austrian Federal Railways by the Swietelsky company in 2004, the foundation stone for the establishment of RTS was laid. The locomotives - production numbers "SGP 1965/18296", "SGP 1966/18343", "SGP 1966/18345" and "SGP 1970/18400" - were completely overhauled and equipped with new, more powerful engines, giving the locomotives over 1,450 kW ( 1,970 PS), compared to 1,115 kW (1,495 PS) of the ÖBB locomotives. The service weight of the locomotives increased from 65 to 68 tons. Two of these locomotives, which are registered under the UIC numbers 93 81 2143 005-3 and 93 81 2143 007-9 until 2011, were incorporated into the founding of the RTS company in 2006 and are in regular use, mainly for construction sites.

1116 and 1216

RTS 1216 902 from RTS
RTS 2016 905 from RTS

In 2006 the first electric locomotive of the " ES64U2 " series (factory number "Siemens 2002/20573"), which is identical to the locomotive of the ÖBB series "1116", was rented from Dispolok . This locomotive has already been used to intervene in conventional transport operations.

However, RTS wanted its own vehicles, which is why the lease was terminated in 2007 and two locomotives of the type " ES64U4 " (factory numbers "Siemens 2007/21113" and "Siemens 2007/21123") were acquired, which were sold under the UIC numbers 91 81 1216 901-9 and 91 81 1216 902-7 are approved until 2012. The two locomotives are identical to the locomotives of the ÖBB series “1216” (“Taurus”).


Also in 2007, with the purchase of an " ER 20 " (factory number "Siemens 2007/21153"), another, even more powerful diesel locomotive from RTS was put into service. This locomotive, which was approved until 2012 under the UIC number 92 81 2016 905-9, is identical in construction to the ÖBB traction vehicles of the series "2016" ("Herkules"). Since 2009, RTS has also had 2 new traction vehicles of the 2016 series.


221 105 from Rail Transport Service in August 2010 in Regensburg

In 2007, V270.07 and V270.08 (ex 221 134 and 221 105 of the DB) were rebuilt for EBW Cargo, using MTU 12V 4000 R41 engines . Both locomotives are now in use at Rail Transport Service. In August 2015, the road number 221.134 was written on this locomotive.

Other locomotives

Swietelsky also procured other traction vehicles, which, however, have not been used by RTS or have no network approval. Six diesel locomotives of the ÖBB series 2067 (2067 017-0, 2067 023-8, 2067 060-0, 2067 062-6, 2067 083-2 and 2067 091-5), one locomotive of the DB series 332 (332 068 ) and three CFR locomotives (33 53 392 3 036, 33 53 392 3 066 and 33 53 392 3 068).

Freight wagons

In addition, RTS has company-owned freight cars of the types

  • Faccs - four-axle open self-unloading wagons for bulk goods (gravel) that were modernized as part of the general inspection.
  • Ks - two-axle flat wagons with low side walls. As part of the general inspection, these wagons were equipped with a steel floor for reinforcement.
  • Res - four-axle flat wagons with low side walls and 16 lateral rotations. These wagons were also equipped with a steel floor for reinforcement as part of the general inspection.
  • Sgss - four-axle container wagons . These trolleys are suitable for holding containers of all dimensions as well as various special transport racks.

Range of services

RTS 2016 on the occasion of test drives with the ballast cleaning machine "RM 900 - HD 100" intended for France in Aspang train station

In addition to the transportation of the company's own construction machinery, special wagons and material transport, RTS specializes in the management of whole freight trains. In addition, special transports such as the transport of track tubs, rail transport, transfers of flirt multiple units and motor vehicle transfers can be shown as references.

In addition to the cross-border traffic between Austria and Germany , RTS organizes connecting transports to Switzerland , Italy , Hungary , Poland , Romania , Slovenia , Croatia , the Czech Republic and Slovakia as a complete package .

Web links

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