Raise Your Voice - Live your dream

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German title Raise Your Voice - Live your dream
Original title Raise your voice
Country of production United States
original language English
Publishing year 2004
length 103 minutes
Age rating FSK without restriction
Director Sean McNamara
script Mitch Rotter
production Sean McNamara
music H. Scott Salinas
Aaron Zigman
camera John R. Leonetti
cut Jeff Canavan

Raise Your Voice is an American drama that was released in 2004. Director was Sean McNamara , the leading roles were cast by Hilary Duff and Oliver James . The film tells of a teenage boy named Terri who, against her father's wishes, attends a performing arts school in Los Angeles over the summer .


Terri loves to sing. She lives in a small American town and secretly dreams of a career as a singer. Her older brother Paul is her inspiration in everything she does and her best friend. He also supports her in her desire to take part in a summer workshop at a singing academy in LA. Therefore there is a quarrel between Paul and his father, since the father is against it. But Paul, who is about to go to university, asks his aunt to see that Terri goes. On the way home from a Three Days Grace concert, which Terri attended with her brother as a surprise for his graduation, they get into a car accident in which Paul is killed. While Terri is mourning her brother, she receives an invitation to the summer workshop. But her father is still against it, because he is now all the more afraid of losing her too. However, Terri's aunt Nina wants to keep the promise she made to Paul and, together with the mother and Terri, lies to the father that Terri is spending the summer with her. Terri makes his way to Los Angeles and soon faces many difficulties. The demands on the students are high, the training is very tough, her fellow campaigners make life difficult for her with jabs and jealousy and since the accident she has had a strong problem with singing on a stage and torments herself with feelings of guilt and self-reproach. Since her performance is significantly worse than before the accident, which the teachers don't know about, a teacher shows her a DVD that has convinced him and the others to invite Terri. However, Terri did not know about a DVD and finds that her brother Paul sent it in. Terri is shocked and walks out of the room to her room because she wants to leave immediately. But her classmate Jay manages to get her to stay. The two get closer and Terri tells him about her brother. He tries to comfort her and encourage her. He in turn tells her that he was with her classmate Robin, but broke up, but doesn't want to let go of her. The two fall in love and are totally happy. But when Terri also gets a solo in a song, Robin bursts with envy and tries to get Jay back. She kisses Jay the moment Terri opens the door. Terri is shocked that she trusted Jay completely and doesn't want to talk to him anymore, although he tries to explain to her that he didn't want that and that he doesn't want anything from her. But then Jay stands drunk in front of the door of her room and swears that only she means something to him. She and her roommate take him to the roof so that no one can see that he has been drinking, and stay there while he sleeps. When he is woken up by her the next morning and apologizes again, she forgives him. Then they decide to rehearse the song that Terri wrote for her brother. Because whoever makes the best music in the end wins a scholarship. Shortly before they appear together, Terri realizes that she has forgotten her brother's necklace and runs into her room to get it. There she meets her father, who is foaming with anger, who has decided to take her home immediately. Terri can change his mind at the last minute. On stage she hears her brother's voice and finally loses her fear. Together with Jay she has a wonderful performance. They don't win the scholarship, but they are happy anyway. Terri's parents are touched and her father gives her permission to take part in the workshop again next year. But most of all, Terri has finally come to terms with her brother's death and can be the girl from before.


The lexicon of international films quoted the film service as saying that the film was "an old-fashioned teenage drama with a sentimental musical touch that is superficially entertaining ".


Hilary Duff won a Blimp Award at the Kids' Choice Awards in 2005 .

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